Pro Era swung through the XXL offices to chop it up and tackle a very important topic on young bachelors' minds today: Where can one find Mrs. Right? The myriad of topics ranged from which borough has the best women, to date areas and even where not to go. Read on to learn where in this vast, great city you can find love.—Emmanuel C.M. (@ECM_LP)

XXL: Where In NYC do you find the best women?

Chuck Strangers: Out of the boroughs? Well, Manhattan is low-key a cheat code ’cause everybody goes there, so we’re not even gonna count that one. Gotta be fuckin’ Brooklyn. Brooklyn got the best girls, like overall; like you could find you a nice wholesome girl in Brooklyn, and you could find you a down ass girl in Brooklyn. Queens got [them] too though.

Dessy Hinds: I’mma talk about Queens. Queens got the girls when you wanna be low-key and mad classy, but at the same time, they’re not gonna keep it hood. You feel me? They’re just gonna keep it classy. And Queens is the hood. Like niggas think Queens is not the hood, Queens is the hood. But you still find the classy girls, you know what I’m saying? So Queens, Queens would be the best, that’s what I say.

CJ Fly: I don’t know man. Let me say this, set the record straight: I love every girl in every borough…but I’m gonna have to go outside of New York, man. [Laughs] Nah, I’m joking. Brooklyn’s cool.

Joey Bada$$: I say BK, man. BK all day.

CJ Fly: The Bronx is too far from Brooklyn. Way too far.

Dessy Hinds: If you want to meet a girl from the Bronx, you’ve gotta meet her in the city. They always want to meet in the city too. I’ve never met a girl in the Bronx, even if I’ve been talking to them for mad long. And they’re like, “When you gonna come see me?” I’ve never, ever, taken the train from Brooklyn or Queens to go see a girl… No, never. Never. Ever. It is a ride. And I’ve been to Staten Island to see chicks, Long Island, Jersey, and it wasn’t even hard. But the Bronx, though? Something about that long train ride, I can’t fuck with it, son.

What about Staten Island?

CJ Fly: The shorties out there stay to themselves…isolated. So if you’re not from Staten Island, they don’t really fuck with you like that.


So which borough is the best place to take a girl on a date?

Dessy Hinds: The city, easy. The city or Brooklyn, depending on where in Brooklyn. Like, they got this place… I think Fly said it… But he was like, "Yo, they got a movie theater, if you don’t wanna chill."

CJ Fly: Brooklyn is smooth. They got a few spots in Brooklyn. Take a shorty to Footprints, right quick, take her to the movie theater. Manhattan is like easy access.

Chuck Strangers: I’ll just take a [chick] to my backyard, and just smoke there, then just bring her back inside.

Where’s a place to avoid then?

Everyone: We don’t really go to the Bronx. We have no problem with the Bronx, we just don’t go there.

Joey Bada$$: I used to go there when I was a kid, and like, I really didn’t like my experiences there.

CJ Fly: Mad Caribbean people in the Bronx. You go out there with your parents and shit… Meet other Caribbean people.

Chuck Strangers: I know where I don’t go, I just don’t wanna say where I don’t go. Niggas in that hood gon’ be like, “What you scared to come to our hood?”


Describe Manhattan women.

Chuck Strangers: Hella fronts. Everybody’s tryna put up… Everybody got money, everybody’s going to this… You know what I’m saying?

Joey Bada$$: When I say Manhattan…and I’m not saying Harlem, I’m talking about the lower side, Midtown, all that shit…Manhattan niggas front. Put on fronts, nigga. Manhattan niggas act like they hood niggas.

Chuck Strangers: Smooth talkers too.

What about Harlem?

CJ Fly: Harlem is cool.

Chuck Strangers: I stayed out in Harlem for like two weeks with a friend. It was aight, though. They got some good food in Harlem. And Harlem got some girls too.

[Members mention various areas in Harlem where good-looking girls can be found…like Washington Heights]


(A La $ole and Powers Pleasant  join the discussion)

So which borough in New York...

A La $ole: Brooklyn. I don’t even know what the question is, Brooklyn.

Where would you go to meet a woman?

Powers Pleasant: I’d have to say Harlem, Washington Heights… Spanish girls.

Why is that?

Powers Pleasant: I don’t know, man. I just have previous experience there, man.

A La $ole, what about you? Is your answer still Brooklyn?

A La $ole: Yeah.

Why is that?

A La $ole: Cause. Brooklyn everything.

What about the Bronx?

A La $ole: The Bronx? I never go to the Bronx. Nah, I fuck with the Bronx, shout-out to all the rappers from the Bronx but…Brooklyn everything.

So what is it about Brooklyn women.

Joey Bada$$: Well, Brooklyn girls are pretty diverse. Brooklyn is a big-ass melting pot.

Chuck Strangers: You can’t say Brooklyn women, that’s like saying…Earth women.

A La $ole: A shorty from Flatbush is different from a shorty from Brownsville. Never fuck with a girl from the East. Brownsville…uh…let me see…sometimes Bushwick.

CJ Fly: The Stuy is…don’t do it. I live out there. Don’t do it.

A La $ole: Parksville girls be little too much.

Powers Pleasant: Their parents be rich and shit, so they be throwin' the bomb ass parties and shit.

Chuck Strangers: Also, Williamsburg, I live out there. Yo…I remember I was coming back from a bar. You would be thinking, “Damn, I lost, there’s no [chicks] tonight.” I’m heading back to my crib, two [girls] like [in high-pitched voice], “Can you take a picture of us??” I’m like…"Yes, I can.” So there’s always [chicks] out there, and they don’t be frontin’.