8ky's new music is a far cry from his work with LMFAO. The rapper formerly known as SkyBlu displays that in the video for his song "Underdog." The black-and-white visual is the polar opposite of the flashiness that LMFAO was known for in their heyday, complete with 8ky displaying this subdued attitude in his lyrics.

"Remember that, a nigga been selling millions/And now I'm back, and niggas been catching feelings/I'm finna make the impossible possible/And I was never ever on the honor roll," 8ky raps.

8ky recently spoke to XXL about his new venture as a solo artist. The Los Angeles native described the difficulty involved in reestablishing himself in the music industry.

"The hardest challenge was really getting to that point where I could really be so honest in the music that I’m happy with the result," he said. "That was the challenge right there. After seven, eight records on this album, I stopped writing and I just went into the booth and I spoke from the heart. Ever since then, that’s how I do. It’s such an amazing way to express yourself because when you write on the paper, you only get one dimension of whatever that was. If you’re speaking, there’s the level of volume you use, the energy you have, it’s so different and you can’t capture that by writing it down. I stopped writing and my music hit another level."

"Underdog" appears on 8ky's latest album, Fxck Yeah: Chaos to Consciousness, which dropped last September. The LP can be downloaded for free via BitTorrent.

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