8ky - formerly known as Sky Blu of the duo LMFAO - has released his first solo project. Fxck Yeah: Chaos To Consciousness is available as a free download on BitTorrent until Friday (Sept. 30). After that, the album will go up for sale on digital outlets like iTunes.

The album might be a bit of a shock to fans who only know of 8ky from his work in LMFAO. The new LP is a far cry from the party vibes of his past work. Instead, 8ky delivers a conscious record for his debut as a solo artist.

"I absolutely have a spiritual connection to this album," 8ky said. "It’s the beginning of a movement. Fxck Yeah is when you hit that ultimate feeling of pure, honest joy! When you just can’t help yourself, the only thing left to do is say ‘Fxck Yeah!’ It’s that feeling you want to achieve in every aspect of your life. I wanna do something for the people, I wanna help and it’s in my heart to help. Every aspect of what I’m trying to do is all 8ky and the Fxck Yeah movement. From the live shows to social media…all will be delivered with the ‘Fxck Yeah’ message of fully embracing the moment."

Listeners can stream the 30 track album below. The BitTorrent bundle download will get you access to all of the songs in addition to a premium video file for the "I'm Hooked (Freestyle)" music video.

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