A few years back, it was unacceptable for men to wear flip-flops or slides, especially if they were tied into the hip-hop culture. Nowadays, flip flops are actually the “it” item that every rapper is trying to custom make with their own branding.

While the trend of flip-flops has increased in the past two years, slides were always known as a silhouette to wear during the spring and summer days, but not now. Flip-flops are bigger than ever and are now accepted everywhere and anywhere, thanks in part to several hip-hop acts, who have taken the flip-flop to newer levels.

From YG rocking slides everywhere he went during his Krazy Life tour to Future rapping about smashing girls in Gucci flip-flops to DJ Khaled launching a custom set of flip-flops themed around his famous quotes, slides are the must-have item this winter, even if it’s meant to be worn during the hot, summer days.

With clothing brands and several rappers creating custom slides inspired by hip-hop, here are 8 flip-flops you can pick up now to show off while you cozy in your crib.

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