After dropping his new song "Switch" in June, 6lack returns with a new video for the track to match the track's introspective lyrics.

The video kicks off with 6lack laying in the middle of the street after crashing his motorcycle. Like he sings about in the song, the 26-year-old artist cant get away from the cameras of the paparazzi, even as he lays in the middle of the street. The video then shows clips of 6lack on stage performing and traveling for his tours before switching back to his normal life.

While it's uncertain if "Switch" will be appearing on a new project from 6lack, the rapper recently revealed the follow-up to his debut album, Free 6lack, is complete. "I think my album is done," a note shared on Instagram read.

6lack has been working on the album for quite some time now, postponing his European tour in November to finish working on the project. The rapper also decided to take some time off to spend time with his daughter.

"For the 8 months she's been alive, i have about 2 months of pieced together memories of us together. between that and wanting to tap back into the music, I've been feeling the need to make some tough decisions. One of which is postponing my upcoming European tour," he wrote on Twitter last year.

The young child also appears in 6lack's "Switch" video, as clips of the rapper holding his daughter play throughout the visuals.

Check out the "Switch" video below.

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