40 Glocc has been fighting the odds ever since his beef with Game escalated online. In 2012, a video surfaced of Game serving up a smackdown to 40 Glocc while they were out in Los Angeles. The footage instantly went viral, and both of them told opposing stories of what really happened that day. While Game claimed it was a fair one-on-one confrontation, 40 Glocc said in an interview with VLADTV he was outnumbered and they pulled guns on him. The aftermath ended in the two throwing more jabs at each other on Twitter. Then a year later, 40 Glocc sued Game for $4.5 million over the fight, claiming defamation and pain and suffering, which he has yet to receive payment.

Game and 40 Glocc haven’t crossed paths since the incident. But, earlier this month, their feud took a whole new turn for the intense when they traded shots—luckily not those kind—on the Internet. Allegedly, 40 Glocc resurfaced to taunt Game on Instagram over his domestic violence investigation against his fiancée Tiffney Cambridge. In one of the captions, Glocc wrote, “JUST PUT YO KIDS TO BED @THEDOCUMENTARY NOW IM IN DA GYM FLAMED THE FUK UP AGAIN CUZZ. N TIFF LOVE IT.”

There were more disrespectful comments involving Game’s family that pushed him over the edge. 40 Glocc contended that his Instagram was hacked, but Game was done playing around and posted a picture of a green light on Instagram while tagging 40 Glocc. For those who don’t know: Green gives the go-ahead to put a hit on someone.

Two weeks have gone by and it seems the heat has died down. Still, 40 Glocc firmly believes that it is best he never sees or speaks to his nemesis again. Hip-hop beefs rarely get squashed, but we wanted to see what both sides had to say. Game declined to comment, but we got on the phone with 40 Glocc and allowed him to speak his mind. The former G-Unit affiliate tells us about rebuilding his image under the public eye, his new music, how his Instagram account got hacked by "Internet thugs" and why his hatred for Game runs deeper than rap.Eric Diep

XXL: You just dropped your new single “Dedicated.” Is that off the album?
40 Glocc: It’s something to spark back the energy back up. I had a little session downtime, you know, fighting cases and owing a million dollar bail and so forth on. I’m still on another bail for gun charges. I had a lot of inconveniences. Stupid shit like that. Just right now, I’m just showing them that I ain’t went nowhere. So get ready. I’m finna spoon feed these motherfuckers. I’m finna feed them this good baby food, you feel me?

Those little fallouts are the things that set you back sometimes.
But at the same time, what don’t kill me make me stronger. I learn from mistakes and I was slipping and there it was. I know how to counter-react. When you play dirty, I know how to play dirty, too. I’ma always win.

When do you think your project is gonna come out?
Right now, I am gonna hit them with a slew of videos. My project got drowned out by the negativity. All the negativity travels fast as fuck, but look at the positive note that was on there. I was doing my stuff. I was back working, doing my stuff, and it got drowned out. I don’t stop. I’m not a quitter. It just educates me more. The next single is called “Cock Blocka.” I think they gonna enjoy this one. It’s just me having fun. It’s more of me switching the style up. I get real versatile and I just like to clown. This one about the female and dudes be handcuffing they bitches. We call them blockas. It’s dope as hell and I think everybody gonna like it.

Have you been in the studio with anybody lately?
I’m definitely working. I’m supposed to be doing this joint with CB, with Chris Brown. I just did this new joint with Jazze Pha. My boy Kid Heat. I’m working with a slew of motherfuckers man. Me and Lloyd doing a record. I’m trying to go more R&B with it. I’m not really fucking with these rappers right now. I’m not really feeling the rap movement.

Two years ago, that fight happened with you and Game. Do you think that tarnished your image in any way?
As far as financially, yeah it tarnished [my image] because you got these Internet [thugs]. I call them blogger stalkers. I call them thugs. You know what I mean? I feel like he’s one of them. It’s like a lot of fake defamation up in there. It was like some fake shit created to hurt me financially. I had to go through rebuilding with that. People have to recognize that it is a business and at the end of the day, I gotta put down my street shit and put on my business cap.

What did you lose?
I mean, you get business relationships, people think that...for instance, the incident that happened. From a reputation of it, you would think, ‘OK, 40 Glocc started this. Started that.’ But 40 didn’t start nothing. 40 was on his business. You never heard of a real me doing dirt in a place of business where I am conducting business. With me conducting business, there would have been nothing even if I would have outnumbered him and had the pistols. That wouldn’t have happened though. I don’t shit where I sleep. I do business. This is my money.

So my publicist had me there. I was on my album promotion at the same time. Yeah, a lot of the bullshit overshadowed my financial state of my album dropping and so forth on after that. 'Cause it was hella defamation. Mad folks running around spreading that I am snitching. Calling the cops. File police reports. Sent a nigga to jail and all this shit. This nigga ain’t go to jail for nothing. He didn’t get snitched on. There’s no police reports. You got a fake ass tape that you made. There’s no DA involved!

Were you guys ever friends at one point?
When we first met, it was cool. We did a song together. The song is out there floating around. We was straight, but you know real recognize real and real recognize fake. I recognized fake. I distanced myself. And he was on G-Unit at the time. He started dissing me, crying 'cause he got kicked out the group. I’m like, ‘Nigga, I don’t play that diss me shit.’ I gotta get used to that shit as an artist to conduct my business.

I never knew my power like that. I never knew people would use me and just diss me just to get notoriety. ‘Nah, I dissed 40 Glocc.’ I always been that kind of dude that motherfuckers say something about me, it's attack. Like, ‘What’s up fool?’ You know what I mean? Fuck that rap shit. I had to learn, ‘cause I was wondering like, ‘Why are all these dudes just coming out of nowhere and coming at me and they don’t even know me?’ They just talking on the Internet and they using it to get fame. Me, trying to learn that part of the business, I was hotheaded and young. More immature about it and I would respond not knowing I wasn’t supposed to respond to nothing like that. That was my growing process.


It sounds like you are cool-headed now. Do you ever see this beef ending? Is there more besides recognizing he's fake?
There’s way more than that. We could never be friends. It’s fuck him for life. He know how to stay away from my space. I stay away from his space. Or we clash, it’s gonna be like clash of the titans. There’s a lot of tension built there. I don’t know if it's from this part or my part, but I advise myself to stay the fuck away. ‘Cause I know the type of damage I do and I know how I act.

No one wishes for violence in hip-hop, but every time you and Game clash it makes headlines.
It’s inevitable. They know the type of person they did something to. But they did it for entertainment purposes not knowing the repercussions. So now they suffering from the repercussions of it and they suffering from the repercussions quietly. I ain’t doing this for entertainment. Mine is from the streets, the street aspect point of view, so a lot of mine, you aren’t gonna hear about it. It’s gonna be like a ghost, like a myth. ‘Yo, 40 did this. 40 did that. They say he did this.’ A lot of times you ain’t gonna get it out my mouth that I did it either. You just gonna know it's real because you know the real when it is floating like that.

Do you think your image is better now?
I mean, I’m transitioning back to that. Man, everybody hate what they can’t be. At the same time, you would think, why would this dumbass come record himself and come do something like that? He felt he had something to prove to everybody. So he could say, ‘Oh, I got 40 Glocc. Look what I did [to] 40!’ It showed me that in his mind, I was bigger than his own fame. You know what I mean? In his world. I would never do no shit like that. I wouldn’t even think of doing no retarded shit like that.

People are saying, ‘Aw, you did this. You already did that. You had cameras. You did that.’ I tell ‘em like this all the time. You show me one video of me committing a crime on a motherfucking camera, I will drop every dollar I have in your pocket. You understand what I am saying? It’s not a crime to be shooting a gun out in the open. You don’t know what I’m shooting that motherfucker at. It’s not a crime for me to knock on a motherfucker’s car door to get your punk ass out the car. It’s not illegal. It would have been so simple for me to throw a rock through that window. You didn’t see no rock fly through that window. We wasn’t about to let that happen.

With that being said, they all got their selective seeing and hearing when it comes to me. When you so good at something, they want you to lose. Right now, they thought I was going under a rock. They not some real street niggas. We been through this. Like real street [niggas], we go through this. That’s what we go through. We get shot in the face. We take bullets in the face. We take bullets in the leg.

I’ve been shot by police. I had been arrested for attempted murder on a police. I had been in a wheelchair. I’ve been shot in the face. I’ve been shot in the foot. That’s mandatory. That come with the territory. For him, it don’t though. You talking about a grown man who just started this street shit about a year or two ago. That’s trying to jump into this shit and he jumped into a puddle of lava. He don’t know it. He like a rich kid, coming through the ghetto. And his money run out, he gonna get bit in the ass.


You filed a $4.5 million lawsuit against Game. Did you ever get payment?
I didn’t get paid as far as the lawsuit. That was another one. Just so many rumors. I learn more about myself from the rumors everyday. I did? I got paid that? Motherfuckers act like they see me with money they like, ‘Oh, you got paid like...’ Bitch, I’ve been having money. Now it’s just like every time they see me with money its like ‘Yeah, that’s Game lawsuit money.’ I’m like, ‘Man, what the fuck? I ain’t even got that feat yet.’

See, Game is smart. He knows a lot of these motherfuckers is dumbasses. So, he feeds his fans bullshit. So he got on there and he tell ‘em, ‘Oh, he ratted on me.’ If I would have ratted on Game, he would have been locked up. There would be police reports. There would be a DA. It would be charges pressed. He would be going to court for a trial to go to jail. You understand? Or take a conviction. I don’t feel like I am getting anything out of seeing him in jail. I can’t do nothing with a nigga in jail.

You allegedly went after Game on Instagram—going at him and taunting him. What happened there?
This is how it happened in my eyes, from my point of view. I set all my shit up. I invested my time, my money and my work ethic. I’ve been working, right? The day I drop my single, I got the front page of iTunes. I got fucking everything lined up. I got the video dropping. I got the song on iTunes. Everything ready to go. I launch it. Boom. Next thing you know, I am getting a lot of hits and everybody keeps saying, ‘Aw, you crazy.’ I’m like, ‘What is y’all talking about?’ ‘Man, your Instagram. Your Instagram.’ I don’t deal with my Instagram like that. Everybody think I am just on there 24 like that.

What I do is, I try to go on it. ‘Cause on my phone, I barely just got Instagram. I press a button. They set it up for me. I don’t even know how to make an Instagram page; they just set it up for me. I just press the little Instagram button on my phone and it automatically go to my page. When I tried to do it, it wasn’t going there. So, I get to calling like the people that help me run my company. I’m like, ‘Yo, what’s up? What’s up with my Instagram? Y’all change the shit? Y’all posting something on there?’ They like, ‘Nah. We can’t get in. We thought you changed it.’ I’m like, ‘I ain’t change shit.’

I get the URL or whatever. People went in and showed it to me. That’s when I seen all the shit too. This motherfucker on there typing like me. That motherfucker acting like me. But it was some key little shit that he was saying that you could tell that this ain’t me. He’s like, ‘Yeah, you might of knocked me out, but...’ I’m like, ‘Nigga, you ain’t knock me out. You bitch.’ I never give that nigga recognition like that with something he didn’t do.

I keep it 100. I don’t give a fuck about his family. Fuck his family on mine. Now, I can say that. I got a legitimate reason to say that, 'cause it's fuck him and fuck his family. But I am a man. If I did that, I'd say, ‘Hey, I did that. Yeah, fuck that nigga.’ Why the fuck would I go back and erase my page? I lost, like, 20-something thousand followers on that shit. To me, that’s your Internet net worth for a company when you are independent. You need all that shit. Just like record labels need it. Just like he need it, record labels build it for them. That’s your core fanbases. I don’t do all that paying for followers and all that shit. Anybody that come to me is somebody that is interested that I am entertaining that takes a joy into my brand.

How did you react to Game posting the image of a green light?
He’s a fucking clown. C’mon man. He gonna get on there: ‘Aw, green light.’ Man, you ain’t green lighting shit. You ain’t even running traffic signs out here. C’mon man. You green lighting somebody? You ain’t got no power like that in these streets. He got everybody fooled overseas with that bullshit. You don’t got the streets fooled with that shit. There ain’t nobody buying into that shit. With that being said, that’s him wanting to keep attention on himself. He has to use me for leverage now. All it did was create a problem. They got a problem coming.

At this point, are you two just going to stay as far away from each other as possible?
Shit, I don’t fuck with him. I never fuck with him. I just do me. First, if somebody ask me about him, yeah I tell ‘em all the time: ‘Fuck him. Fuck that nigga.’ You know what I am saying? Like I said, I advise myself to stay away from him. He stays away from me. We cross paths? Hey, we don’t know what’s gonna happen. We fuck around and be the end of The Matrix in that motherfucker. You know what I am saying? I am not playing. I have flashbacks. I have post-traumatic stress. Shit, I ain’t playing. I get agitated and aggravated. I am like a Vietnam vet in this motherfucker man.