Rick Ross is a boss. There’s no questioning that. With his Maybach Music Group’s new album, Self Made Vol. 3, dropping on September 17 and his own Mastermind LP tentatively scheduled for later this year, it’s the perfect time to revisit the impressive range of killer tracks Ross has accumulated over the last couple of years.

The self-proclaimed Mastermind of MMG has a keen ear for selecting lush, hook-filled beats and he's already proven he can deliver a hit record time and time again. As he continues his rise to dominance—his new Future-assisted single “No Games” is a banger—read our extensive round up of the 25 best Rick Ross songs. From his humble beginnings to his luxurious lifestyle he currently lives, we gathered the most hard-hitting and crucial tracks that represent the Miami MC. M-MM-Maybach Music! — Eric Diep (@E_Diep)

"Stay Schemin'" Featuring Drake & French Montana

Ross and his cohorts stay two steps ahead of their rivals on “Stay Schemin’,” which had everyone talking about Drake’s scathing verse towards Common. In a feud that Drizzy still talks about in our September issue, the verdict became clear that he came away with the W. However, Common wouldn’t go down easy as he responded with some barbs of his own in the remix. Now, the two have made up, but you can thank Ross for giving Drake the platform to get some things off his chest.

"9 Piece" Featuring Lil Wayne

Rick Ross and Lil Wayne brag about selling dope while being on their cell phones in “9 Piece.” Drugs, guns and women are topics that never bore Rozay and Weezy. In this case, it makes for one hell of a song about being drug lords who are fully loaded.

"Hustlin (Remix)" Featuring Young Jeezy & Jay Z

Ross’ original version established him as a rapper with a lot of criminal connections, but the remix gathered two of rap’s biggest stars for something major. There are some memorable lines like Hov boasting about linen shorts and Jeezy claiming he knows the real Big Meech. It’s a triumphant single by the summer’s hottest acts at the time.

"Maybach Music" Series

Over the span of Rick Ross’s albums, there has been one reoccurring staple: his “Maybach Music” song. All produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Ross substituted the talent for every new edition (Jay-Z on the first, and Wayne, Kanye and T-Pain for arguably his best one) and brought us closer to the grand, lavish style of Maybach. For now, “Pt. 2” makes this list, but don’t sleep on the others. Because you can never get tired of hearing Ross talks about his grandiose living.

"Speedin'" Featuring R. Kelly

Life in the fast lane is all Ross knows. In the R.Kelly-assisted “Speedin,” the Miami rapper raps about getting dough and loving every minute of it. Like always, Ross lets us into his boss life.

"Live Fast, Die Young" Featuring Kanye West

“Live Fast, Die Young” was the start of bond between Ross and West that lead to tracks such as “Monster” and “Devil In A New Dress” years later. West has a way of bringing out another side of his collaborators and Ross goes in head first here with exceptional lyricism. He sticks to topics such as money, women and shopping sprees, but it’s his quotable lines that make the song. “She came to party like it’s 1999/If she died on my dick, she would live through my rhymes.”

"MC Hammer" Featuring Gucci Mane

Producer Lex Luger’s anthem provides the frantic backdrop for Ross to talk his shit. “I got 30 cars! / Whole lotta dancers! / I take ‘em everywhere/ I’m MC Hammer!” Gucci Mane enters at the end to help pick up the pace. Surprisingly, the real MC Hammer doesn’t make a cameo neither on the track nor the video. You can’t win them all.

"B.M.F." Featuring Styles P

With another assist by Lex Luger, Ross hops on amped up beat to spit his game about moving work. Rocking with his New York homie Styles P, the biggest summer track of 2010 revolved around Ross name-checking gangsters, while sounding intimating doing it.

"Hold Me Back"

Although Ross was criticized when “Hold Me Back” was released because some fans saw it as a recycling of his old creative formula, it grew into one of the premier tracks from his catalogue. His chorus would become a mantra for artists who strive for the top against all odds. And even with some sonic similarities as his earlier work, it's proof Ross has a popular sound that people gravitate towards.

"3 Kings" Featuring Dr. Dre & Jay Z

Ross gathered hip-hop legends Jay Z and Dr. Dre for “3 Kings.” Three titans in the game share the stories behind their careers and connect that with what they want to accomplish now. All deliver scorching verses, but its Hov who gets the gold star for shouting out incarcerated rapper Max B. “Stuntin’ to the max like wavy, oh shit!”

"Aston Martin Music" Featuring Drake & Chrisette Michele

While Drake tacked on his show-stealing verse after “Aston Martin Music” was released, Rozay still displayed an equally impressive lyrical outing. The newer remix would be pushed as the official version, where the video received heavy rotation on music channels such as VH1, MTV and BET.

"Power Circle" Featuring Meek Mill, Gunplay, Stalley, Wale & Kendrick Lamar

“I’m at the round table, where you seat at? Where your plate, where your lobster, where your sea bass?” Ross introduces us to his go-to guys in the introduction to Self Made Vol. 2. Featuring sterling verses from everyone, it’s actually Gunplay who captures our attention the most with the above line and many more like it. Ross’s vision is simple with his compilation projects: to introduce his team to the masses.

"Bag Of Money" Featuring Wale, Meek Mill & T-Pain

It’s a smooth affair in the Beat Billionaire-produced “Bag Of Money.” Enlisting his MMG soldiers Wale and Meek Mill, Ross paints a picture of his favorite bad chick that resembles “a bag of money.” Yeah, it’s that literal.

"Push It"

Off Ross’s Def Jam debut Port Of Miami, he follows up his smash single “Hustlin” with “Push It.” The willpower to go harder is documented through the eyes of a budding Ross at the time. It’s crazy to see how far Ross has gone since then.

"Diced Pineapples" Featuring Wale & Drake

Aside from “3 Kings” with Jay Z and Dr. Dre, Ross had another anticipated track on God Forgives, I Don’t that featured Wale and Drake. “Diced Pineapples” is luxurious (props to Cardiak) and helps Drizzy’s smooth hook makes it go down easy.

"Super High (Remix)" Featuring Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa

Ross taps hip-hop’s favorite weed smokers for his remix to “Super High.” Spitta and Wiz complement each other well, while Ross delivers a quick 16 that doesn’t disappoint.

"Magnificent" Featuring John Legend

Backed by the production of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Ross and collaborator John Legend tell us how the high life is treating them. Fun fact: The beat was inspired by the film, Notorious, which documented the life of Biggie.

"I Love My Bitches"

You can’t go wrong with Just Blaze and Ross. Despite the single not appearing on the Miami MC’s fifth studio album, Ross lists out what he loves in his typical gusto: “I love my bitches/Bottles, Beamers, Brand New Benz’s/Barbies, ballerina’s and Britney’s.” It’s a top-tier track from the biggest boss.

"I’m Not A Star"

The intro to Ross’s Telflon Don is a statement. He sounds right at home over the pulsating bass, throwing out confident rhymes with bravado. Yes, the hook would later be remade on Lil Wayne’s better-suited “John,” but you can’t argue against Ross when he’s on point.

"New Bugatti" Featuring Diddy

Ross and Diddy call themselves the Bugatti Boyz. As expected, the team up for this anthem that screams their net worth. When Ross made a tape about being rich forever, he literally wasn’t playing about his bank account … with large amounts.

"100 Black Coffins"

“100 Black Coffins” appears on the soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino’s highly controversial film, Django Unchained. Over a beat inspired by spaghetti western themes, Ross delivers a typically grandiose performance with his smoky vocals.

"Presidential" Featuring Elijah Blake

Ross continues to display elegance on “Presidential.” And how could he not? The beat, produced by Pharrell, is a compelling soundscape for Ross to get lost in—even Tyler, The Creator later said he wished he made the beat. Audio dope.

"I Wonder Why"

Over a dark and booming beat, Ross condemns the Travyon Martin verdict in “I Wonder Why.” He continues to explore his former criminal life, as well as referencing the testimony of Rachel Jeantel, who was Martin’s friend: “Now, I’m being followed by some creepy-ass cracker.”

"Box Chevy"

Produced by D-Rich, Ross creates a track that serves as an open call to all the “pussy niggas” out there. Here, he approaches his favorite topics—success in the rap game, copious amounts of wealth—but tells it in a rags to riches story that’s enticing. “I started with a box chexy, then I got the blue Lexus.”

"No Games" Featuring Future

Rozay’s latest single off Mastermind is full of energy. With a wide-screen hook by Future, the pair talks big about playing no games when it comes to fake and phony haters. It’s a big, head-nodding banger that sets up the anticipation of his next album nicely.