Despite earlier reports of 2 Chainz getting robbed at gunpoint, San Francisco Police Department confirms to that a member of his entourage was the victim.

Police say that a robbery did occur Sunday afternoon and Chainz was present. However, they clarified that he wasn’t the victim.

“He was not the victim of a robbery,” San Francisco police said. “He was there, but he wasn’t the victim.”

The police report says that Chainz and his entourage were walking down the 800 block of Howard Street. Then, a suspect carrying a gun approached the group and fired a gunshot. Most of the group scattered during the commotion, but one member reportedly fell to the ground. That’s when the suspect approached him and robbed an
“unknown item and fled the scene.”

The authorities also add that everyone involved are “being very uncooperative.” The suspect hasn’t been located yet.

[via Radio]