It looks like someone might've tried to pull a fast one on 2 Chainz. Back in October, the rapper was hit with a lawsuit alleging that he'd elected not to pay off the remaining $18,317 bill for his $262,212 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead. Now, the Atlanta rapper says he's been the victim of an attempted fraud.

According to TMZ, Chainz believes Highline Holdings Group's Joshua Waddell sent him text messages earlier this month, and in them, he pretended to be Chainz's lawyer as he pushed him to pay off the bill the auto broker brought him back in October. The thing is, Chainz recognized the number from earlier dealings.

Chainz says the next part of the fraud attempt came when Waddell contacted him again a few days later, this time under the guise of a lawyer for Highline Holdings Group. In this interaction, Chainz says Waddell falsely claimed that a default judgment had been granted to the investment group, and that a lien had been issued to his flossy Phantom.

Documents obtained by TMZ indicate that Chainz, whose Pretty Girls Like Trap Music album landed on XXL's list of the 50 best projects of 2017, confirmed that neither his own lawyer or Waddell's lawyer sent him those texts, leading him to believe Waddell sent the texts as a trap.

Now, Chainz wants the judge to have the lawsuit thrown out of court.

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