Just off the heels of announcing that rapper 2 Chainz will indeed perform at the 2013 MTV VMA's, the "Feds Watching" rapper is now being linked into a drug investigation. After his tour bus was stopped outside of Oklahoma City Wednesday night, police have arrested his driver on suspicion of drugs and believe the rapper may have some involvement.

The city's NewsOn6 reports that when the bus was initially pulled over the passengers refused to cooperate with authorities."The bus doors were locked, however, and the passengers on board refused to open them, tells NewsOn6."Police had the tour bus towed to the training facility at 850 North Portland until officers could obtain a warrant to search the bus".

Continuing, "The seven people on board the bus who initially refused to open the doors were eventually taken off the bus and detained while officers searched the vehicle. All of them could be charged with interfering with official process, a misdemeanor offense". The B.O.A.T.S rapper was in town for Lil Wayne & T.I.'s America's Most Wanted Tour on Wednesday night (August 21).

This incident follows a June arrest in which 2 Chainz was charged with possession of a controlled substance after TSA agents found that his bag contained marijuana and Promethazine.



TMZ reports that the rapper was indeed arrested in the incident. "Police did just that and eventually entered the bus hours later, where they arrested 11 passengers for "interfering with the police process, including 2 Chainz", reports TMZ.

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