QueenzFlip is a rapper, author and entrepreneur. At least that's what his bio says. But everyone online is discovering QueenzFlip as the man on Instagram who loses his mind when any hip-hop song comes on during a car ride.

Riding in the passenger seat with QueenzFlip means putting one's life into his hands as this man proceeds to freak out when a track plays on his car speakers. Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz's "I Don't Give A Fuck" prompted QueenzFlip to rip his shirt off and attempt to the do the same to the woman riding with him. That's just a glimpse of what goes down in QueenzFlip's car as headlocks, punches and slaps are doled out along the way. How he manages to do all this without crashing his car is feat in and of itself.

One of QueenzFlip's most popular videos sees him riding with his son when M.O.P.'s "Ante Up" remix begins to play. In a hilarious moment, QueenzFlip slaps a bowl of cereal out of his son's hands and proceeds to harass his son on their way to school. Watch some of QueenzFlip's best freak outs below and make sure to never get in a car with this man.