UPDATE: Footage Of Joe Budden & Consequence’s Fight Released

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The set of the “Love and Hip-Hop: New York” reunion show looked more like a WWE cage match yesterday, as Joe Budden and Consequence exchanged blows two times in the same night.

The on-going beef between the two emcees spilled over into yesterday’s taping of the show’s reunion episode when Cons reportedly “smacked the shit” out of Budden in response to last month’s heated exchange at Hot 97′s offices. The Slaughterhouse rapper rebuked the claims, saying the former G.O.O.D. Music rapper sucker-punched him from behind while on a smoke break with ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose.

Budden went on to say that Tahiry  even managed to land a punch on Consequence before he could run away.



Tensions between the two didn’t end there, as Budden apparently made good on his promise to Angie Martinez to “go in the bathroom” and shoot the fair one with Consequence. After shooting wrapped, Budden intimated on Twitter that he and Cons duked it out for second time that night.


Consequence later responded to Budden’s taunts, saying that he won’t be pressing charges against the New Jersey rapper because, “Tahiry hit me harder” than Budden.



As previously mentioned, the feud began at Hot 97 after Budden approached Consequence over alleged comments that he and his girlfriend Jen the Pen made about Budden on the show.

[via Complex]

UPDATE: Footage of the second scuffle between Joe Budden and Consequence has been released. In the video, Budden and Cons can be seen throwing punches at one another, until one of Budden’s bodyguards intervenes and tosses Consequence to the curb.

Watch the video below.

[via WSHH]

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  • Ross S


    • Tez

      Because he wrote a lot of music for artists such as Kanye and co-producing tracks like Party for Beyonce. Huge ghost writer. I guess his image keeps him from making a hit.

    • Fyasko51

      Listen to Dont Quit Your Day Job. Ive been fucking with Cons for a minute and he can spit. If you cant name one of his songs, then thats on you. Grammy Family and I See Now are better than anything that Budden has came out with.

      • http://twitter.com/DillonHarvey89 Dillon Harvey

        gammy family is good but joe has put out shit much better, not trying to knock either emcee im just saying, but maybe we will get some good tracks out of this situation

        • Big Motherfuckin’ Nas

          what the fuck are you sayin’ Dillon, you just told us Joe was better and YES you did put Cons down. I think they’re both garbage period. Just because he wrote for Kanye doesn’t mean Kanye’s a better MC, his music is all people listen to, not his fucking lyrics. and Joe Buttons isn’t even worth a listen because none of his music is memorable. Heard his albums, they all suck, He doesn’t talk about anything.

    • StizzyNYC

      Your corney. trying to put a nigga down cuz you dont know the history? FOH..

  • Kaveshan Naidoo

    who gives a fuck..i want music..fuck this nigga con..can he spit…joe been in the game 4 yearz, we dont want these fly by nyts…fuk em fuk tahiry fuk worldstar

    • fyasko51

      Cons can spit son, he’s been in the game longer than Joe. Cons co wrote ATCQ Beats, Rhymes and Life. Check your history son

    • StizzyNYC

      LMAO..Dumb ass nigga.. Cons aint been in the game for years? You just showed your clueless…

  • http://www.facebook.com/kunte.kente Kunte Kente

    con is ah beast in the booth that nigga buddens is nothin but ah shit talker and over rated get them to battle i say then yall will see who con is

  • Rodney Thomas

    Dudes got money but can’t afford a cell phone with a real camera? Must’ve recorded that shit with a 1993 Motorola StarTac.

    • http://www.facebook.com/iiJecire @Jecire

      that iPhone shit smh…

  • unsigned

    Con, is a Bitch, lame ass cry baby ass Nigga, wth his ugly buck tooth big headed ass, all he can get is a ugly long horse face ass bitch like Jen! This bitch think cuz she white she better! y she didn’t married a broke ass white boy. i say broke bc a rich white boy anit fuckn wth her. ooopps my fault that bitch is a static there not married. I bet he wouldn’t have went at Jim Jones like that! and Chrissy would have gotten in that ass, trust Tahiry will tag Jens ass next. Then that lyric he tried to give the new rapper chick even she new that light skin line was susucide! I cant stand them cryn about no gift frm Kanye! 2 pussys! CLOWNS, Joe should have knocked his ass out! I’m glad he tagged that ass! he talk to much shit! slow ass, arguing wth women Con,s is a bitch!

    • StizzyNYC

      Your the one who sounds like a bitch. You all on some racist shit. Bitch Nigga

  • Realest1tho

    Cons is a LAME flat out.. I don’t care what he ghostwrite or nothing he is a whack lame…he with the right chick 4 him a lame a** cry baby sack chasing white wh***..It dont matter how long he been in the game…He just lost major points…shoulda stayed in hiding..@ the end of the day the streets prefer Joe…right wrong whatever…we can 4give him b4 cons lil punk a**

  • Jay BX

    I see Cons moving out of his location and heading into hiding. Who’s kid is this?!

  • bob, nigga

    why is everyone riding for joe budden, i dont get it. security broke it up and everyone is talking like budden gave him that work.

    • StizzyNYC

      word son, tell me how Joe says cons ran and the video shows security tackle him on the spot.. Joe got the fire slapped out of him by the WU too.. Joe is a bitch ass nigga.

      • JC

        That’s the 2nd video, first one shows cons runnin

      • farrock1480

        Don’t forget Joe’s beef with Ransom. He wanted no part of a real street goon!!!
        Every confrontation joe has been in ended with either getting slapped or he would be nowhere to be found(Ransom went door to door looking for joe at a number of his friends houses). Joe is no fighter!!! Never has been. But he talks like he a beast in the streets. That’s why he not welcome in Jersey hoods. People who know you hate to see you being something you are not. Im not really a fan of either but Cons is the realest of the two and Joe is trying to justify getting slapped.
        You cant justify that type of assult because a slap is a face to face assult. I think Joe should stay in his lane and stick to Punchlines which he is very good at.

  • StizzyNYC

    Joe has a habit of getting smacked.. Ask Reakwon the Chef. How did Joe say Cons ran when the video shows he didnt run.. He got laid down by security. Joe is a pussy.. Cant even go to Jersey City anymore.. FOH

  • JamesFourTwenty

    They’re “celebrities” = no real fight… lets just wait for the diss tracks i suppose

  • http://www.facebook.com/njemile.hotep Njemile Hotep

    white folks always talking bout calling the cops when her man started it …. her and her im gone hit u while i stand behind security ass man cons what a funny ass clown