Joe Budden Confronts Consequence at Hot 97 Studios [Video]

More drama on Love & Hip-Hop NY is brewing outside of the show. After Consequence opened up about his perceived beef with co-stars Joe Budden and Raqi Thunda in earlier interviews, the slander got out to Budden. They ran into each other inside Hot 97 studios where Joey decided to confront him.

While Ciph, Rosenberg and K.Foxx sit sort of awkwardly, the pair discussed their issues. It’s a good thing it didn’t escalate into anything physical. Watch it above.

[via Hot97]

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  • thedevilwearsnikes61

    Not one to post comments on this site…but im sorry,this n*gga Con bitched up…..WOW!!!

  • Catastrophe

    lol.. Joem buddens and the BATMAN voice.. talkin that dude down.. niggas dont even know what joe said and they was like.. “RESPECTFULLY* HUH?! could u repeat that? Sir, budden mr. joe sir.

  • william smith

    when he was on 105 IT WAS “I GET IT POPPIN….GIVE ME 5 MINUTES”….Now its “We Dont Look For Problems” lmfaooo GET EM OUTA HERE!!!!!!

  • JoeyBabyLegs

    joe budden think he hard and intimidating. i will come to HIS block and smack him.

  • stan

    this nigga con is a bitch .talking al that shit first now you scared hhhahahhaah pussy

  • Hubbard

    lol! Conse to the quence. I don’t think so. That’s probably the last we’ll hear from him and his little yappin-ass dog, May-Day or whatever her name is. Now I want to see what Tip and Yeezy have to say.

  • CaptainKay

    Con a bitch! bottom line! Raqi could have ate that nigga alive if she wanted

  • Slideveezy Okarter

    Damn these dudes argue n fight like a dumb fuckin bitches. He say, she say, who say n bitch say….Wtf