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You've certainly seen the behind the scenes photos, and the video's creating a stir as well. Now, it's time to unveil the finished results of this already-classic shoot!

Once again, XXL Magazine teamed up with VH1 to bring a different look and feel to the concept of Eye Candy. Last month, my team and I collaborated with Dutchess Lattimore and Sassy Bermudez of "Black Ink Crew" to bring a sporty but sexy themed shoot. This month, of course, we collaborated with Joe Budden, Tahiry Jose, and Olivia Longott of "Love & Hip-Hop" to bring an old Hollywood glamour themed shoot...and the results blew us all away.

The shoot took place at the lovely Resorts World Casino in New York City, where Rat Pack-inspired steakhouses and old-school microphones conspired to bring a 1950's-esque look and feel to these urban celebrities.

With his rugged good looks and gentle presence, Joe Budden could have rocked alongside Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra with his fitted pants, untied bowtie, and custom-made cufflinks (the latter provided courtesy of Maddaloni Jewelry). Meanwhile, Tahiry Jose's infamous cakes took a backseat (ha!) to her understated, and gorgeous, face -- she was soft and elegant, reminiscent of Rita Hayworth in her glory days (and before you jump on me, look up what Rita Hayworth's real name, and background, is). Last, but most certainly not least, Olivia Longott -- whose model-good looks belie her woefully-underused talent -- donned a purple pampas plume and faux-fur stole to kill the competition not-so-softly. Josephine Baker -- whom we were envisioning as an inspiration for Olivia -- had nothing, absolutely nothing, on Olivia that day. (Confession: when Olivia emerged from the green room for the first time with her old-school glamour look, an audible gasp echoed throughout the room, and more than one of us -- myself included -- got tears in their eyes.)

We have some great behind-the-scenes video, which you can see here:

This shoot was a monumental undertaking, but we think the results are well worth it. We would be remiss without giving credit to all of the talented, and hard-working, people for this shoot.

Creative Director: Bernadette Giacomazzo/
Assistant to the Creative Director: Amanda Elsheikh
Photographer: Scott Church/
Assistants to the Photographer: Sara Squeek & Alan Davis
Videographer: Michael Donati/TJ Pictures
Style Director: Kimberly "Tulle McKenzie" Barker
Style Coordinator: Jewel Tracy for Fashionably Bitchy
Assistants to the Style Coordinator: Tiffany Pierce & Danielle Gray
Nails: D. Malone
Jewelry: Michael Maddaloni for Maddaloni Jewelers -- Huntington, NY
Location: Resorts World Casino -- New York, NY (
Transportation: Coast 2 Coast Transportation -- Freeport, NY

Hair: Shakira Smith
Makeup: Whitney Coss
First Look: Faviana nude/gold sequin mermaid dress; Princess London skull black peep-toe shoes
Second Look: Faviana navy/see-through dress; stylist's own sparkle shoes

Hair: Tymothe Wallace
Makeup: Tekoa Hash
First Look: Faviana blush split-side dress; Princess London suede nude gold-toe shoes; stylist's own stole
Second Look: Faviana creme-colored low-back ruffle gown; Princess London skull crystal peep-toe shoes; CamHats (Christine Moore) Millinery vintage hat; Band-do crystal brooch

Eredi Pisano tuxedo pants, white button-up shirt, & tie
Salvatore Ferragamo belt
Cesare Paciotti patent croc-printed shoes

And now, without further ado...the photos...