George Zimmerman's celebrity boxing match, which was abruptly called off on Sunday (Feb. 9) by Damon Feldman, is now looking to be resurrected. According to TMZ, the fight is not only being helmed by a new promoter and without DMX as the opponent.

FilmOn claims the match will meet the public's desire to see bloodshed and explains that names far bigger than DMX want to partake in the challenge. The event profit will also go to the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

The owner of FilmOn, Alki David, claims the fight will no longer be a celebrity boxing match but a "Fight Club" type of "bloody event." He says the fight will happen on March 15 from a secret location and that all profits will go to the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

The match is not yet a done deal. FilmOn is still negotiating with Feldman for the rights.

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[Via TMZ]


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