Early this week, rumors were fueled about rapper-turned-songwriter Yung Berg dating Karrine "Superhead" Steffans after the latter posted flicks on her Instagram of the two 'boo-loving.' The photos showed Berg kissing Steffans on the back of the neck and had a caption that read "Love." Another pic had the two showing off their matching Cartier bracelets. Seeking to clarify the speculation, Berg spoke to Juicy and revealed that he and Karrine are just friends. To hear him tell it, "She’s a great conversationalist, can talk her ass off and it’s very entertaining, but it ain’t nothing deeper than that."

"She's just the homie," he continued. When asked about the kiss on the neck, Berg answered, "I’m notorious for that. I’m a kisser, but it’s not really like that. The pictures were taken and we were having a couple cocktails, enjoying each others company. We are homies." Riiight.

Check out the rest of Berg's interview here.

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