Young Money is being sued for big money, $600,000 to be exact, due to a contract dispute with a teen rap group W3 The Future.

According to TMZ, the adolescents' production company Grassroots Productions is at odds with Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records because they failed to pay the $600k promised to the group after signing a record deal with them last May. The large lump sum was expected to cover W3 The Future's advance and the budget for their first album.

Grassroots Productions claims Cash Money flat out told them, "Cash Money is not moving forward with this project. And that was that."

Early that month, Lil Wayne announced he was extending the YMCMB family by adding an international boy group to the mix, W3 The Future or WTF for short. The group is made up of three friends, 3siXT, DG, and Edge One. The adolescent pop-rap crew even accompanied Lil Wayne on his America's Most Wanted Tour featuring artists like T.I. and 2 Chainz.

Although W3 The Future kept their end of the deal by releasing an album on time, Grassroots claims YMCMB did not pay their entire portion of the $600k.

Money shouldn't be an issue for a label who has four members landing a spot on Forbes 2014 Wealthiest Hip Hop Artists List; 4. Nicki Minaj ($29M), 5. Birdman ($21M), 7. Lil Wayne ($16M) and 11. Drake ($10.5M).

If this isn't settled soon, the Hip Hop empire will owe "young mula baby"!