Whether its the park or the corner, summertime in New York is about assembling outdoors, and Young M.A does just that with those in her neighborhood for the "Summer Story" video. The video, which was directed by A Piece By Guy, is the first from the Brooklyn rapper since dropping “OOOUUU" in late May. Check the "Summer Story" visuals up above.

And speaking of that "OOOUUU" video, it is nearing four million views on YouTube in less than three months. In November, Young M.A spoke with The Boombox about her SleepWalkin mixtape, which is available to download for free courtesy of DatPiff. She says of her neighborhood affiliations that she reps the entire borogh of Brooklyn. "I never stayed in one part of Brooklyn. I was born in East New York and then I moved to Flatbush with my mom at one point and then Crown Heights so I got people’s all over," she said. "I don’t like to claim a certain section ’cause that’s the problem with our city in the first place, everybody feel like if you from this hood, you can’t fuck with niggas from this hood, you know what I mean. So I don’t put that out there, I fuck wit’ niggas from all around. Brownsville, Bed Stuy, Coney Island, I got peoples everywhere."

Elsewhere, she credits 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin' as her first introduction to hip-hop, and says of adversity she's faced in the industry, "It’s hateful comments out there, but that’s with everybody. Even if it ain’t about that, it can be about this, it can be about that so I know that’s gonna happen ’cause this is the world that we live in, I expect that. But it gets overshadowed with so much love that I don’t even pay attention to that."

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