The Location: Brooklyn, New York City. Time: Summer 2005. Its a monumental day in the borough that keeps on taking it, because the hottest rapper in the game is filming his new video right in their backyard. Plus all of NYC's finest, who usually are too busy making diss songs about each other, came out showing their full support. Tri-Staters Jay-Z, Cam'ron, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Foxy Brown, Jim Jones, Tru-Life, Beanie Sigel plus many more who swore they would never be in the same vicinity as one an other. Plus hundreds of other fans gawking at the scene with the new star's T-shirt on their backs. But the man of the hour has more than a shirt on his back, he has a whole city in the palm of his hand. Ladies and gentlemen, the new king of New York:

Young Jeezy.

That's riiiiiiight. Who else holds down the core of the Big Apple like Young Gizzle from the bottom of the map? What NYC rapper gets the street love like Mr. 17.5? What other mixtape got more burn than Trap Or Die and Can't Ban The Snowman at your local African retailer? His PROMOTIONAL T-shirt was so popular that people started bootlegging and making their own versions of it! Who in NYC got that kind of cult following? These people weren't just wearing it in Georgia, but on 125th, Fulton Street, Jamaica Avenue, etc.

Who's his competition? Jay-Z put his chencletas up for now, retired from rap with a desk job and in a committed relationship. Nas, also bitten by the love bug, tattooed "that bitch" on his arm and signed to Old Hov in the most shocking truce in hip-hop history. No one really counts 50 as being a New Yorker anymore. Between Dr. Dre and his Cali twang, there's a strong case 50 Cent might be the King of LA. Cam'Ron had it for about a week with the infamous diss record, but got his crowned revoked with the A-Side B-Side of "Suck It Or Not" and "Wet Wipes". Jada hasn't been the same since Interscope Jackson pushed Styles P's album back to whenever Jesus comes. Fab? Maybe in a couple years.

Here's the king of new york break downs since 1993:

93: Meth
94: BIG/Nas
95: BIG
96: BIG
97: BIG (R.I.P)
98: Jay-Z
99: Jay-Z
00: Jay-Z
01: Jay-Z
02: Nas
03: 50 Cent
04: Jay-Z
05: Jeezy
06: So far Jeezy...But T.I. Would be a good argument

The South is running this rap shiii. But its not limited to below the Dixie line, they own the Mid West, NYC and Cali. Stay tuned for next time when I give my reasons why T.I.P. Is the king of rap.

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