So it would appear that Yung L.A. has a mixtape (or project of some sort) called Tattoos and Jewelry coming out March 15th and I'm assuming he's in promotion mode. Ink and diamonds are nothing new in hip-hop and the chains have no doubt gotten more gaudy over the years (shout to Young Joc's Hustlenomics chain and every single piece and T-Pain's jewelry collection). But damn, what the hell is going on with rappers and their face tats?

Gangsters have been getting dry tears on their face since before I can remember. Hell, Wayne even got his eyelids tatted, but who gets an ice cream cone on their cheek? Gucci Mane that's who. And in what seems to be a game of "Top That," now Yung L.A. has emerged with his new duck tat on his face. Upon further inspection the tat looks a hell of a lot like Big Bank Black and Alley Boy's Duct Tape Ent. logo. So does that mean that Yung L.A. got down with Alley Boy and 'em? Was the tattoo a requirement? Is Yung L.A. no longer down with Grand Hustle? And more importantly, are these cartoonish face tats the new gangsta?

I'm not clowning, I seriously don't understand. Someone please put me on. — Rob Markman


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