Young Guru has emerged from behind the boards to establish himself as one of hip-hop's most gifted minds. The master engineer, producer and DJ is now teaching classes at prestigious universities across the country and has been selected by some of the world's biggest companies to test new technology. During a recent interview with Hard Knock TV, Guru spoke on how much hip-hop has grown and how important it is for the youth to learn the culture from hip-hop's forefathers and founders who--unlike in other cultures--are still alive to pass on their knowledge.

When prompted on race in hip-hop, Guru states that the hip-hop culture is where Dr. Martin Luther King's dream of all races living in harmony is realized. "Hip Hop is not a color based thing," explained Guru. "It’s actually the one place where Dr. King’s dream has been realized. Where it doesn’t really matter what color you are, it matters how dope you are. That’s all it is. That’s what the content of character means. How good are you at what you claim you do? That’s hip-hop. The only place you could ever see that."

[Hard Knock TV]

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