Young Chop was featured for Reddit "Ask Me Anything" sessions today. The social news site teamed up with Chicago producer turned rapper. He answered his fans' burning questions about what Chicago artists has the most potential, his favorite cartoon character and what equipment he uses to make beats. Check out what we learned from Young Chop's Reddit AMA below.


Yo Chop, who is your favorite producer in the Atlanta Trap scene right now?

What made you choose to be straight edge, especially in an environment where drugs and alcohol are so prominent?
I was never into that just focused on my music.

Lex Luger said that if Britney Spears approached him to make music he would definitely say yes. Do you want to explore outside of your comfort zone and make your mark in other areas of music? If Britney Spears approached you would you say yes?
My album Sill took me out of my Comfort Zone n would work with Britney Spear if she approached me.

Favorite non-hip hop album of all time?
R. Kelly -

Chop, who is an artist that you'd love to produce for/ work with, but just haven't been able to?

What's a piece of gear you use in your production that is really helpful?
Waves plug in has been really helpful.

Whats your favorite beat that you've made? Or if you prefer, say your favorite 5.
Don't Like Love Sosa Hate Being Sober Valley Paranoid

Who do you think has the most promise in Chicago right now?
Tink , Johnny May Cash, Lil Bibby & Lil Durk

What is your creative process when it comes to making beats? I honestly think you're the reason keef and drill got so much buzz. Your beats that keef rapped on got him the most buzz and they were some fire ass beats. Thanks for any reply
Really no process i go in n do what I do Best. With Keef its all on how he feels n from their we vibe of each other.

Whos the last person you've worked with?
Chief Keef

What was your favorite artist to work with?
French Montana

Chop, are you a Yung Gleesh fan?
Yep I rock with Yung Gleesh.

What's your process for mixing 808s? Fav synth plugins?
With Mixing 808's I just Turn those Bitches Up !!! and Gladiator.

You get your drivers license yet or are you still ridin around in the mom-mobile?
Didnt get my license yet n my mom is still driving me around.

What was it like going to Paris for the Numbers on the Board video with Push and Ye?
I went to Paris to work on Yeezus but its was cool to see them shoo the vid.

What's your favorite cartoon character?
The Proud Family.

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