Atlanta's annual A3C Festival is going down in ATL, popping off Wednesday night. But things really popped off on Thursday during an event featuring Young Chop. The Chicago producer hosted the MyMixtapez showcase, which turned into the Royal Rumble. Everything started off smooth, until Chop apparently got pissed off by the people employed with keeping everything in order. The "Don't Like" producer grabbed the mic and addressed the situation saying, "y'all bitch ass security needs to stop it." As soon as the portly beat maker can get his sentence out one member of the security swings a closed fist at Chop and a melee ensues.

Chop and the man duke it out while people pile on stage in an attempt to break things up. Some members of Chop's squad can be seen in the video (below) jumping in. The scene looks very chaotic. The two men were eventually separated and order was restored.

Following the scrap, Chop took to Instagram to explain his side of the story. "As you can see in the video, people, the security ran up on me," he explained. "I didn't run up on security, I just called him a bitch. Cause, you want to know why I called him a bitch? He disrespected me as a man. You know, I tend to take the offensive."

Peep Chop's social media reaction to the squabble, below.

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