YBN Nahmir is a no strings attached type of guy. On Friday (Aug. 24), the 2018 XXL Freshman shared the video for his latest banger, "No Relations."

Directed by Christian Breslauer, the new visual finds the rapper and his YBN crew partying it up in Miami. In one scene, they turn up on a yacht with a crew of ladies. "I said I only want one night, but I ain't gon' spend the night/I ain't lookin' for relations, I'm just giving pipe," Nahmir raps on the chorus of the bouncy track. "Want a foreign bad bitch, ride me like a bike/I just want to hit it once before I take a flight."

In other scenes, the posse floats through the streets on mopeds, dipping though traffic, while the "Bounce Out With That" rapper spits. "If it's quick Ima fuck with my shoes on/Early morning, getting dome with the news on," he rhymes. "Rock out, 17 with my True's on/I never leave the house without a tool on/On my mama, on my mama like I'm T.O./Can't smoke, gotta watch for my P.O./Lame bitch traded rent for a freak hoe/Super soaker, but she cheat like a Cleo."

The video features cameos from YBN Almighty Jay and YBN Cordae.

The YBN crew is gearing up for a European tour that will kick off next month. Starting Sept. 19, Nahmir, Jay and Cordae will be taking their talents overseas on a 17-city jaunt that will see them touch down in cities in the U.K., Swedan, Germany, France, Spain and more.

Watch YBN Nahmir's "No Relations" video below.

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