YBN Nahmir should be walking across the stage for his Clay-Chalkville High School graduation today (May 24), but according to the rapper, the school's principal will not allow him to walk and he's now turning to his fans for help.

Nahmir broke the news on Instagram on Wednesday (May 23), posting a statement on his Instagram story. "Just got word that my high school, Chalkville High will not be allowing me to walk the stage tomorrow for graduation," he wrote.

According to the "Bread Winners" rapper, he isn't being allowed to walk because he's short a few course credits. "I'm a few points shy of course completion, and the Principal told me he will mail my diploma a week after graduation," Nahmir continued.

The school's website states the graduation is scheduled for 2 p.m. today, but even with the short amount of time left, Nahmir is still asking his fans for help. "I worked hard for this, even donated money to my community," he added. "Tryna give my Momma and family this moment. Asking all y'all to help my dream come true. Please hashtag #LetNahmirWalk So I can walk tomorrow."

According to a member of YBN Nahmir's team, he was originally told that he would be allowed to walk, but was informed this week that he wouldn't be able to. Apparently he's two classes away from reaching the necessary number of credits to graduate and will complete the work needed to get his diploma within the next few weeks. Unfortunately, Nahmir already flew out a number of his family members for the ceremony and bought a cap and gown.

In response to XXL's coverage, the Jefferson County Board of Education, which presides over Nahmir's high school, issued a statement.

"The Jefferson County Board of Education’s primary goal is to educate and equip all students with the knowledge and skills to be successful throughout all stages in their lives, it begins. "The ultimate test of that success occurs after students leave our schools. Students must earn 24 credits to graduate with a high school diploma in the State of Alabama. Jefferson County Schools gives students the opportunity to earn 40 credits from their ninth grade year through their senior year. Opportunities for credit recovery and summer school are open to all students, as well as multiple opportunities to take courses again during subsequent years."

Although they couldn't officially comment on YBN Nahmir's number of credits or their decision to not let him walk, they defended their goal of teaching students to the best of their abilities.

"Our teachers and administrators work hard to prepare and help students earn their diploma. Our high schools assist seniors by granting them extra time to complete courses required to earn their diploma, even if this extends beyond the graduation date. Our district will continue to commit to best practices and equal opportunities in order to meet the diverse needs of all learners. This week, over 2,800 students will graduate as the Class of 2018, and we are grateful for the support and dedication of all Jefferson County students, parents, teachers, administrators, and communities," the statement concludes.

In a 2017 interview with AL.com, Nahmir says he left school his senior year after he started gaining a buzz online. "I was shocked the principals knew about it," he said. "Everybody knew about it. So, I started taking online classes. I couldn't really do my work. I was becoming a distraction."

But according to his latest Instagram post, he left his tour just to fulfill his "real dream of walking across the graduation stage."

Check out the rapper's Instagram post below.

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