Although YBN Almighty Jay has managed to maintain his presence on the blogosphere for one reason or another, there’s more to him than meets the eye. One of the core members of the YBN collective, the J Prince investment sat down for XXL's Who Am I? series to discuss being fired from Target after working there for a week and why he had to attend several high schools.

Before joining forces with YBN Nahmir and YBN Cordae, and gaining popularity for songs like “Chopsticks” and “Off Instagram,” YBN Almighty Jay, like many teenagers, had a pretty regular job. The Galveston County, Texas native worked at Target but was relinquished of his duties after only seven days on the clock. “I worked there for like a week,” Jay reveals. “I left all the baskets in the parking lot and they fired me.”

The rapper is seemingly unfazed by losing his gig. “I didn’t give a fuck about it," he adds. "I only got a job because my mom. She was getting on my ass.”

According to the 19-year-old “God Save Me” rhymer, his time in high school was also interrupted due to his behavior. “I got kicked out a lot,” says Jay, who attended five different high schools and was known for skipping class, fighting and being a class clown. “That’s what I am,” he proclaims. “I’m proud of it though. I can have fun and shit.”

Once he graduated from high school, Jay began taking a more serious approach to his music. Accustomed to recording at his crib, he locked in his first official studio session after putting down his cap and gown. “The day after graduation I ended up buying studio time,” says the young boss. “I made a song that was hard. That was my first time in a real studio..”

Learn more about YBN Almighty Jay including growing up on Lil Wayne’s music, his love for strip clubs, his favorite movie and how he first connected with YBN Nahmir in his Who Am I? interview above.

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