Earlier this year, Yasiin Bey, the artist formerly known as Mos Def, was arrested by South African police for allegedly presenting an inadequate passport. In March, the rapper appeared in court maintaining his innocence, a track released a few months prior explaining that his only wish was to return home.

Now, many months later, ABC News is reporting that Bey has been granted permission to leave South Africa following an apology he issued for breaking the country's immigration laws. South Africa does not recognize a "World Government of World Citizens" passport as a legal travel document.

"[He] has unreservedly apologized to the Government of South Africa," the Home Affairs Department said in a statement. "The department is satisfied with the apology [and] will withdraw the charges against him." Bey, who has been living in Cape Town, South Africa since 2013, will not be granted re-entry into the country as he's been declared an undesirable person for his actions.

The World Passport has been issued by the United Nations since 1954, though some countries do not accept it as a valid travel document or form of identity. Bey has said, amidst this ordeal, that he plans to release a new album, what will be his last. “Related but not directly related to this, I’m retiring from the music recording industry as it is currently assembled today. And also from Hollywood, effectively immediately. I will be releasing my final album this year and that’s that," he said.

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