maxb.jpgDipset affiliate Max B, perhaps best known for singing the hook on Cam'ron's Jay-Z dis “You Gotta Love It,” was arrested on Friday (September 29) and charged with murder and conspiracy in a robbery plot gone horribly wrong. Authorities in Fort Lee, New Jersey, where the alleged caper played out, say the Harlem native, whose real name is Charles Wingate, was the mastermind behind an elaborate plot to rob two Florida businessmen who were flashing large amounts of money around New York City in recent days. According to the Newark Star Ledger, Allan Plowden and his partner David Taylor, both of South Florida, arrived in the area earlier in the month looking to upgrade the sound systems on their respective vehicles. While staying at a Holiday Inn in Fort Lee, NJ, the two men linked up with two Bronx residents named Julio Cruz and Edward Blancaneaux, who in turn hatched a plot to rob the two big spending out-of-towners. At some point, Cruz and Blancaneaux arranged a meeting with one Gina Maria Conway of the Bronx, an alleged prostitute and girlfriend of Wingate.

With no knowledge of the plot already set in motion by the two Bronx men, Conway devised a separate scheme to rob Taylor and Plowden, and enlisted the help of her boyfriend Wingate. Meanwhile, Cruz and Blancaneaux had separately hired two other Bronx prostitutes, Maite Castro and Gisselle Nieves, to help them get close to the two targets. On September 22nd, at around 3:00 a.m. Conway and an associate of Wingate, Kelvin Leerdam, entered Plowden's hotel room at the Fort Lee motel and found him with Nieves. Leerdam pulled a gun on Plowden and tied up Nieves, placing her in the bathroom. After Plowden claimed he had no cash in the room, the gunman ordered him to call Taylor, who was in his own room with Castro, and tell him to come to the room.  When Taylor arrived, Leerdam shot him in the head killing him. Leerdam and Conway made off with $800 and a Rolex watch, but did not find $30,000 in cash that the men had hidden in one of the rooms. On Friday, Wingate, Conway and Leerdam were charged with felony murder, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. Cruz, Blancaneaux, Castro and Nieves were charged with conspiracy to commit robbery. Plowden was himself charged with money laundering and possession of identity theft equipment. All were being held at the Bergen County jail on $100,000 bail with the exception of Nieves, whose bail was set at $35,000.