Talib Kweli took a break from writing songs and speaking out for social justice yesterday, taking some time to answer questions from fans during a Reddit Ask Me Anything Session. Like similar questioning sessions featuring artists like Big Boi, the Weeknd and Mac Miller, the AMA was a combination of thoughtful inquiries and silly requests. The Prisoner Of Conscious rapper talked about what makes a good rapper, his biggest influences and what super hero he'd be. He even answered the obligatory Black Star question. Check out selections from the AMA below.

What is the most important skill for a rapper to master in your opinion?
Understanding what you sound good on, and what you don't.

Which under the radar artist would you love to collaborate with right now?

Yo Talib, which artist has influenced you the most over the years?
Probably Mos Def, Yasiin Bey

Is Black Star ever coming back?
Black Star never went anywhere. Black Star was never a group, it was two friends coming together for a project. But you guys give it group love and have supported us for years!

What is it like working with the great Madlib?
Madlib is pure art in the flesh. He's definitely trippy to hang out with and work with. Although Liberation I did in my basement one week

I know you have mentioned this in a few interviews and songs but how do you feel in regards to being refereed to as a political rapper?
I feel like hip hop is a great tool to express political views, but sometimes purists mistakenly say this is what hip hop started as. No. Hip hop has always been about escapism, partying, sex drugs and money, as well as a vehicle for social change. I don't want one over the other, I want a balance.

Was rapper/hip hop artist your first career choice?
First career choice was baseball player.

If money wasn't an issue, would social issue(s) would be your priority?
Prison industrial complex.

Which super hero would you be?
I am a super hero already.

[via Reddit]