Westside Gunn hasn't been around for too long but he's already established himself as one of the premier torchbearer for the grimy boom bap flows of the 1990s. He's now one of the newest poster boys for unrepentant, hardcore New York rap, and so it's only fitting that he's been in the studio with Just Blaze, the producer responsible for crafting some of Roc-A-Fella's biggest hits. Just Blaze tweeted the news on Thursday (Dec. 29).

"Feeling a kind of way today," the "Exhibit C" producer tweeted yesterday. "Going to studio with @WESTSIDEGUNN and get some of this off my chest." Reciprocating the positive vibes, Westside Gunn uploaded a screenshot of Just Blaze's tweet and captioned it with a few words capturing his excitement. Westside Gunn's Instagram caption reads,"JUST BLAAAAAAAAZE!!!!!! TODAY IS ABOUT TO GET KRAAAAZY!!!!! #FLYGOD X #JUSTBLAZE #GXFR #HISTORY #LEGEND #HIPHOP."

While sample-based production isn't as popular as it once was, Just Blaze's instrumentals have always been loved by hip-hop purists and casual rap fans alike. Everyone's heard "Exhibit C," and unless you've been living in a parallel universe where Jay Z doesn't exist, you've definitely heard the masterpiece that is "Public Service Announcement." The instrumentals for both songs were created by none other than Just Blaze, and with his ferocious lyrics and arrogant delivery, Westside Gunn could be on the verge of adding a track to Just Blaze's pantheon of rap classics. Stay tuned.

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