Well$ is recapturing the vibe of Juvenile in 1998. The Charlotte rapper revisits his Deniro Farrar-assisted single "98 Juvie" for a new music video. Well$ and Deniro are seen out in the streets of their hometown repping for their city.

"It's been me and Alec doing hand-to-hands/If you can cut the shenanigans/Hardest niggas doing it unless you got another synonym/I can't talk unless you penciled in/I done got my grandma famous/Fucked around and grandma made it/I don't give a damn who you came wit it," Well$ raps on the opening verse.

Well$ spoke about how Juvenile was a major influence on his career. The North Carolina MC said he wants to embody the city of Charlotte in that same way that Juvie did for New Orleans.

"You know being born to strict Congolese parents, there wasn't a lot of rap allowed in my home but somehow I managed to sneak in to my cousins sneaking to listen to it and Juvie really stuck out and stuck with me," Well$ said. "The Cartier frames, gold accents, and how he managed to stay soooo goddamn spiffy through the mud etc... That shit was just effortlessly cool to a young me. Then I starting going to New Orleans in the summer and that shit became real to me. The way he talk, he move was just embodying the spirit of the city. So the influence goes beyond just the music and video, cause that's kinda what I wanna do with my carrer. I want to embodied Charlotte, when you see me, you see the city, my niggas, my squad, my culture and I want to export that to the world like Juve did back in '98."

Hopefully this new video leads to more material from Well$ as it's been a minute since he's unleashed a new project. As for Deniro Farrar, he just dropped EP titled Mind of Gemini last month. You can stream the entire EP via this link if you have not heard it already.

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