With her career starting in 2004, Kami2Hot still remains true to her alias. Aside from nearly a decade of experience in modeling, the eye-candy veteran has her own fair share of side-hustles, validating that her versatility goes beyond her ability to pose in photo shoots. Prior to modeling, the proud Detroit native attended Michigan State University as a pre-med student majoring in computer science and is currently in the midst of finishing a book she began writing as a child. XXL had the chance to chop it up with the well-rounded beauty to discuss her numerous affiliations in the industry, status as an upcoming author, personal preference of prose, and what a single, successful, intelligent, established, “geeky” model looks for in a man. —Christian Bonoan (@chrisakachise)

XXL: Besides modeling, what are your side hustles?
Kami2Hot: Basically I’m associated with the Core DJs which is a nationwide association for DJs, they have a sister group called the Core Models, and I’m the coordinator. I’m also the assistant for the Ggurlz, so anything the owner Louis needs handled, I do.

What were you doing before modeling?
Well, I was actually at Michigan State University, in the pre-medical program double majoring in Computer Science and Chinese [Mandarin]. So when I say I was a geek…I was a geek [laughs].

According to your Twitter page, you’re an aspiring author, how did that come about?
When I was little, my favorite TV show growing up was The Cosby Show. I loved, loved, loved, Bill Cosby. He inspired me to be an obstetrician, and I always wanted to have a practice like he did. So, the geek that I was, I learned a lot of medical terms from Bill Cosby, so that’s how I got into Greek mythology real heavy. I started reading the myths and shit like that. But back when I was little, the only type of mythology that was available was Greek or Roman, they didn’t offer any other cultural mythology, none were really available or accessible. So reading the mythology, and any time I’d read a book or something, I’d always think to myself, “How can I make this story better?” So when I was little, I used to write alternate endings to stories I didn’t like, or wasn’t satisfied with. I did the same thing with movies too. When I was 11 years old, I started writing this book, 'cause I finally got my hands on this Egyptian mythology book, and I was fascinated! So when I was 11, I started writing this story, and you know how it is when you grow up your interests change, so I left it off. Two years ago, I was cleaning up the house, doing some spring-cleaning, and I found a piece of the story. So I was like, “You know what? This is pretty good! [laughs].” So I am continuing the story I was writing when I was 11. [Laughs.]

Do you have a title for this book, and if so do you mind disclosing for us?
Yes I do, and sure it’s called Crimson River.

Sounds good, Crimson River by Kami. It has a ring to it…
I'm trying to think of a stage name though, I don’t want to put it under my real name…

So how much of your book have you completed so far?
It’s three fourths done. I'm on the last leg of it. The cool part about Crimson River, is it’s not a just a one book hit, its actually going to be a series. That’s why right now I’m on the last leg, and when I finish it I’m starting the next book…I can’t wait!

Since we're on the topic of books, it seems like every female I see on the streets is reading Fifty Shades of Grey, what’s your take on that? Have you read it?
Nah, I haven’t read it, and it’s not my cup of tea. See, I’m a bloody and gushy type of chick. I’m not mushy or anything like that. When I heard about Fifty Shades of Grey, I knew what the premise was, it just didn’t appeal to me. Someone has to be killed, someone has to be tortured, some action has to be going on for me to accept just a little bit of that.

You’re pretty much saying you’re an action genre kind of girl, which is stereotypically associated as a male trait. What is it that you look for in a guy? Does his love for his action, and blood and gore have to surpass your preference? Or do you prefer more of the quiet, book-reading type?
I mean, it doesn’t really matter if he likes to read or not, as long as he doesn’t mind me reading; I’m a bookworm. He doesn’t really have to like action, but he has to be athletic at least so he can relate to it. Those are the type of guys I go for. But, I’ve dated all types of guys; guys that weren’t athletic at all, who were into books, those guys were cool 'cause at least I have some common grounds with them. I don’t particularly have a type, as long as our personalities mesh well, and I can have fun with them, that’s fine.

So what’s your love life like right now?
Nonexistent [laughs].

With you being a model, an aspiring author, and grinding with your numerous side hustles, would you say that intimidates guys when it comes to them approaching or interacting with you?
I wouldn’t say intimidates, I think when someone hears that I’m a model, or an aspiring author, they expect me to be a certain way. Especially when they find out I model, they expect me to be an airhead. But when they starting talking to me, they're like, “Woah! She’s not like that at all. She doesn’t act like how her pictures [portray her to be].” It’s one thing to take a picture, and they expect you to act a certain way. When [you] meet me, [you'll notice] I’m real conservative and stuff. So when we talk, it kind of blows them away, and they don’t know what to think. You know how guys are, they panic and retreat!