Game returns today with a new mixtape, titled Operation Kill Everything, his first project since telling Larry King that he will be leaving Interscope. The tape, which dropped a few hours ago, is 19-tracks long and features guests such as Lil Wayne, Diddy, Chris Brown, ScHoolboy Q, Juicy J, Nipsey Hussle and Problem, to name a few. With his immediate future up in the air and a new album—his sixth—in the works with Cool $ Dre, Game spoke to XXL about the tape, his upcoming projects, and why he may not leave Interscope behind after all. —Interview by Emmanuel C.M. (@ECM_LP)

O.K.E. is a very strong name. Where did that concept come from?
For my mixtape, I felt like I love everything that everybody is doing. I don’t feel like nobody is doing anything wrong, I feel like everybody is doing his or her thing. But niggas can’t fuck with me man; I’m so much iller than these niggas. So I got to put my mixtape out to show these niggas and remind these niggas who sold five million [records] while you got 10 niggas out here trying to go gold. And The Documentary probably sold 8 or 9 million by now, but what I’m saying is that bitch [The Documentary] came out and did 5 million records in 6 months time, and I know ten niggas who rapping right now who ain’t going to go gold.

I’m the shit, dude; I’m bout to be on my sixth album. All my shits are platinum. I’m still going platinum. I’m out here doing Robin Hood Project helping people. If you get out of line I would beat your ass. Not trying to be a bully, I just don’t like people trying to bully hip-hop and bully the game so I’m going to stand up for what I believe in. That’s my city, that’s my craft—which is hip-hop—that’s my kids, my family, my friends, and everybody that I feel like are good people. I'm going to stand up and I’m going to fight for that. I go to church on Sunday, I blaze on Monday. I’m like the All-American hip-hop nigga, so on this mixtape, I want niggas to know that it ain’t no beat I can’t smash. Game is a fucking monster man. Whenever I go into that studio, the finished product is going to be amazing. O.K.E. is fucking amazing, it’s better than niggas' albums.

What's the one track that stuck out to you the most?
I love my flow on a song with ScHoolboy Q called “Astronaut Pussy.” It's just basically a song about being so high that you can lick an astronaut pussy, that’s way up there.

Five albums in, is this just the appetizer to the next project?
It's definitely an appetizer to album six. My deal with Interscope is up. I’m a free agent, and this is about to be my kickstart. I’m getting a lot of phone calls, taking a lot of meetings, hearing people out about what they want to give me and what they can do. Some of them obviously don’t understand that my oldest son is 10 and I've been in the game for 12 years. Then you got the Birdmans and the Warner Bros., talking about super, super seven digits. I’m just overwhelmed. My mom was sick, so I had to deal with that last week. I’m everywhere with it, I’m trying to figure it out though.

Is there any label you're looking at in particular? Anyone in your top three?
Shit, man my top three choices, I don’t know man. I’m just going to just weigh my options and figure it out.

Interscope is done, you’re a free agent. Why not re-sign? You want a change of scenery?
Interscope was good to me, Steve Berman, John Janick, definitely Jimmy Iovine. We had a great, great working relationship. I went through a lot over there, and G-Unit beef and all of that. Dre looked out for me over there. But I think after five albums, I think it's just time to take my talents elsewhere. It ain’t no love lost. I have a lot of love for Interscope, man. Who knows? I might go back to Interscope and do it again, do another deal. I’m just going to weigh all my options and figure out what’s best for me, and I will make a decision before Christmas.

Who else has been contacting you?
Everybody man, really dude, everybody. They got to pay up; I might put that call to Jay and see what that Roc Nation do.

When is your next album coming?
I’m going to wait until my [record label] situation is done, then I’m going to finish my album in Miami. I’m leaving for Miami soon to just record out there with Cool & Dre and start the album and try to finish it up and solidify a deal.