Today is KRS-1's birthday. He turns some kind of forty today. That is some kind of achievement for a person that was brought up in abject poverty and was even homeless as a teenager. The lesson that I keep from KRS-1 is that there is nothing I can't achieve if I focus my mind towards that goal.

There are also some additional lessons I have gleaned from the Teacha over the years...

Scott La Rock had them all. He was a super ho.

Girls look so good but their brains are not ready. I'd rather talk to a woman because her mind is so steady.

Poetry is the language of imagination, poetry is a form of positive creation.

It's not about a salary it's all about reality.

Black cop!! Black cop! Black cop! Black cop!

I could spend my whole day sitting here and pulling quotes from the Boggie Down Productions discography, or you could do that yourself.

Pull down your favorite rapper's lyrics. Find the poetry, find the insanity. Find the love for rap music all over again. Celebrate life, not death.

Happy Birthday to the Blastmaster KRS-1.