If you listen to his most popular songs, you'd think all O.T. Genasis does is cut and distribute work, but during a recent show in The Big Apple, he showed the audience he could also hit a mean crip walk.

Under the glow of luminous blue stage lights, O.T. Genasis announced to the crowd, "New York City. My name O.T. cuz, and you are now witnessing the crip walk." It was then that he promptly went to work, crip walking to Kurupt's classic "C-Walk."

Over the course of at least 23 seconds, the Long Beach, Calif. rapper showcases some footwork that might make Leveon Bell jealous as he effortlessly manages to move forward and horizontally at the same damn time, perfectly in sync with the beat. Not bad O.T., not bad at all.

The last time we saw O.T. he was chilling with 2 Chainz in his video for "Thick," which saw plenty of strippers dance along as the two rappers waxed poetic about their love for thick women. It's a pretty dope track, and the video is more than a little appropriate.

Before that video, we heard O.T. had just signed a $20,000 deal to have his hologram appear at a concert in the Heat Ultra Lounge in Orange County, Calif. Big things poppin'.

He's making some major moves, but for now, you can appreciate the ones he showcases in this video below.

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