Through social media, Wale and Tomi Lahren have developed quite the entertaining rivalry.

Since January of last year, the pair have gone back and forth on Twitter, with the former XXL Freshman finding yet another opportunity to clap back at the conservative political commentator online this week.

On Tuesday (Nov. 13), while many were celebrating the release of Michelle Obama's instant New York Times bestselling book Becoming, Lahren instead chose to criticize the former First Lady.

"Michelle Obama is upset Melania never asked for advice on how to be First Lady," she wrote. "Michelle, besides ruining school lunches what did you do?"

Soon thereafter, Wale once again came to the defense of Obama while also suggesting that Tomi has an issue with Black women as a whole.

"Just say you threatened by the power of black women and go Tammy,” he wrote, quoting Lahren's original tweet. "[You] and your zany hijinks won’t prosper today."

Their feud was ignited last year when Wale called out Lahren over her criticism of the former First Lady, during which the rapper dubbed the commentator's new nickname "Tammy." Wale even released a song in which he name-drops Lahren, making their back-and-forth, for all intents and purposes, an official beef.

However, unlike some other high profile rap beefs, this one likely will never be resolved. See Wale's latest comment clapping back at Tomi Lahren below.

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