Take a single step outside and you're bound to run into a Pokemon Go user. Or they're bound to run into you. Since the mobile game launched earlier this month it has taken the country by storm, as otherwise normal Americans stand on street corners and walk into traffic to catch the pocket monsters in their present vicinity. The craze has extended to within hip-hop as well, as Waka Flocka tweeted on Wednesday that he's fully submerged in the craze.

"Pokemon Go got me feeling like I'm back in middle school #BigKidModeInFullEffect" he wrote. One Reddit user even shared a photo with Waka, writing, "I just ran into Waka Flocka at a PokemonGO gym in Atlanta. He said 'I made my first $1,000 selling Pokemon cards.'"

To the unfamiliar, Pokemon Go is a mobile game based on the popular franchise that requires users to physically move in order to discover new creatures or buildings within the game. Gyms, for instance, are located at identifiable landmarks around any one given town, explaining why, perhaps, one might happen upon a famous rapper in an otherwise ordinary setting.

In July of last year, Waka Flocka teamed up with Good Charlotte to record "Game On" for the Adam Sandler movie Pixels. The video for the song features footage from the film, which casts popular video game characters as city-demolishing villains. Flocka's interest in PokemonGo then opens up a typhoon of questions including who is his starter character by choice (likely Charizard) and if he's got any Pokemon raps stashed away. Check his tweet on the popular game below.

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