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Photo credit: Darryl Baskins with Perfect Images www.darrylbfoto.com

NAME: Vyctoria

REPS: Hampton, VA


CAREER HIGHLIGHT: Spreads in Titanium Girlz, FBM, So Fine, Seven, BSR Magazines. I’ve also been featured on thisis69.com, Candy Coated and rapmodels.net

FAVORITE RAPPER/ARTIST: My favorite Artist would have to be Trey Songz….besides being sexy as hell and always droppin’ hits, he has a crazy work ethic and so much drive. I respect his hustle and his grind.

FAVORITE HIP-HOP VIDEO: My favorite video is Jay Z’s Can’t Knock the Hustle. Besides it being an ill song, I loved the story line. You find out your man’s cheating, your girls hyping you up 2 get back at him so you do it. Later he sends you gifts 2 make up. You think everything’s back 2 normal and POW!! It blows up in your face, literally…lol…CLASSIC

DREAM JOB: I love Benny Boom’s work and his creativity. He always has great concepts and such a clear vision. 2 play lead in any of his video’s would be a blessing.

SEX APPEAL: What makes me sexy is beyond what you can see on the outside. It’s my confidence, the way I carry myself and the comfortableness that you feel when you’re around me. I always believe that less is more, so with every shoot, I show u just enough 2 satisfy your curiosity but always leave you wanting more.

TURN-ON: My Ultimate turn-on is a guy who is low key. He moves with confidence and he doesn’t feel the need to show off or be seen. He blends in with the crowd but you can tell by his moves that he’s different from the rest.

SOCIAL MEDIA/TWITTER: You can follow me on twitter @vycci_secrets

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