Vince Staples interviews can produce a surprising nugget of information from the rapper's past, tastes or views and in sitting down with Los Angeles' Amoeba Music for a session of "What's in My Bag?" the Long Beach rapper shows that he picked out Fergie's The Dutchess, saying that he messes with the Black Eyed Peas singer heavy.

"We got this Fergie," Staples says holding up the 2006 release. "Bangers, top to bottom. Promise you." When the interviewer asks if he has a favorite track on it, Staples names the lead single "London Bridges" though the later singles went on to experience the same level of success. 

Later in the clip, Vince pulls out Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures, confirming that the cover for his album Summertime 06 was inspired by it. (Perhaps not a coincidence: Fergie's "London Bridges" came out July 18, 2006, and he named his debut album Summertime 06.) "A lot of people don’t know that but sometimes you gotta tell on yourself," Staples says of Joy Division's influence, later acknowledging that everything he does is on purpose. As for how he got into the post-punk band, Staples says, "I lived across the street from the Mexicans growing up. Shout out Nestor."

Watch the full clip up top in which he likewise gives props to The Internet and more. In previous interviews, Vince has revealed that he at one time attended the same high school as Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and called the FOX show Empire worse than crack, saying, "They gotta stop destroying the black community with stuff like that."

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