A few weeks removed from delivering a show-stopping Radiohead cover, Vic Mensa comes through with another dope performance. This time, he hits The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, turning in a live rendition of "We Could Be Free," a track from his debut album, The Autobiography.

Taking the stage with what appears to be a church choir of background singers and almost no spotlight, Mensa spits about social injustices and his own personal issues before The Late Show crowd. The names of regions affected by poverty or terrorism—namely Aleppo, Standing Rock and Nigeria—are projected onto the black background.

"We could be free/If we only knew we were slaves to the pains of each other/One thing I believe, if I could learn/To see my enemy as my brother/Then we could be free, truly/And love could wash away all the sorrows/I'm not afraid to bleed, if it means/We'll make a better today, not tomorrow," Mensa sings passionately.

In the song, Mensa's obviously singing about oppression and poverty, but, while pressing, those aren't the only things he feels like we've got to be looking out for. Speaking on the issue of global warming this past September, the Chicago rapper explained the importance of holding people accountable for ignoring climate change.

"I haven't heard enough in this entire storm fiasco really holding people to a standard of honesty," Mensa explained at Bun B-facilitated telethon for Hurricane Harvey. "You can't come out and say we pray for Houston, we support Houston, and then deny climate change." He always speaks his mind.

Check out his performance on The Late Show below.

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