Vic Mensa held an AMA on Reddit Wednesday (Nov. 2) following the release of his video for "16 Shots," which depicts him being executed by police. Mensa had recently shared some of his social and political thoughts with XXL and provided more of the same here, commenting on police brutality, Lil Wayne's recent Black Lives Matter comments and what fans can expect from his forthcoming debut album.

When asked what can be done to stop the ongoing string of police brutality, Mensa wrote, "as citizens we have to be able to elect officials that prosecute police officers for their crimes. no more letting them judge themselves. they are dishonest and hold their code of blue over everything. also have to stop militarizing the police. and stop paying settlements to families of their victims out of tax dollars."

As for Wayne's comments that he feels no connection to the BLM movement, Mensa wrote, "i think it's a very ignorant, selfish & isolated position to take. because even someone as big as wayne is just a black man minus all of his ice and fame, and can be treated the same way."

He as well listed some of his favorite albums, naming Jay Z's The Blueprint, Prince's Purple Rain, Mobb Deep's The Infamous, Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, D'Angelo's Voodoo and Nirvana's Nevermind, and said he plans to vote for Hillary Clinton come Election Day.

On the subject of his upcoming album, Mensa says that it has political elements found on his EP There's Alot Going On, but is personal as well, with his own stories, relationships and feelings. "It takes more from the song TAGO than from 16 shots i guess the sound of the production is like a mix of a lot of elements from earlier releases, very focused a lot of real instrumentation," he wrote.

He also revealed that he's been working with Pharrell, 1500 or Nothin and Ty Dolla $ign recently. You can read his entire Reddit AMA right here.

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