Emmit Fenn is a man of many talents. He's comfortable producing behind the boards, singing, writing songs and playing his fair share of instruments, including the acoustic guitar. On his newest song, the Vic Mensa-assisted "Pouring Rain," he brings his production, piano and voice to the table, as the Chicago MC tells a deep story about how things come full circle.

The video, which is directed by Bobby Hanaford, starts with a small child sleeping, then quickly cuts to Fenn sitting at a piano. He starts playing immediately, then Vic Mensa is shown in the room with him. The two perform as visuals depicting a kid growing up in the inner city are depicted; he gets wrapped up in the allure of the streets. A sad plot twist concludes the video.

Vic's verses are about a child who grew up in a damaged household and the unfortunate circumstances that befell him. "See, his old man was a dope head, never had J's, just PRO-Keds/Mother worked all kind of jobs, broke her back tryna provide," he raps.

Unfortunately, the kid finds himself on the wrong side of the tracks, since he lacks people to look up to. "But the local smack dealers outside who he idolized/When they bang, the Disciple signs light up the night like fireflies," Vic rhymes.

Vic Mensa had his name floating around news headlines recently due to a few reasons, one of which being a beef caused by a case of mistaken identity. The Chicago rapper challenged 6ix9ine to a fight for disrespecting him, but the Instagram comment that started it all came from a fake account. While dealing with that, Vic didn't lose sight of the music, dropping a freestyle over Lil Uzi Vert's "Neon Guts" and a single of his own, "Metaphysical."

Watch the "Pouring Rain" video below.

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