Vic Mensa joins the chorus of Chicago natives celebrating current mayor Rahm Emanuel's decision not to seek re-election. Vic spoke to TMZ yesterday (Sept. 4) and called Emanuel's choice an exciting one that would lead to opportunity for more growth—and threw a couple shots at the politician.

"I feel that the opportunity for new possibilities is amazing," he told the celebrity news site. "Rahm Emanuel has been nothing but a slimy dog during his time as the mayor of Chicago. Been a very dishonest career politician, he's in it for power. I personally never felt that he was eligible to be the mayor given that he's not from Chicago," he continued.

Vic goes on to discuss Emanuel's closing of schools and mental health facilities in Chicago's south and west sides, and says he was instrumental in hiding tapes of LaQuan McDonald being killed by Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke. The scandal rocked Chicago politics, and Van Dyke's trial for murder begins today (Sept. 5).

Chance The Rapper is another Chicago artist who has been vocal about the McDonald case, and similarly celebrated Emanuel's choice not to run for re-election. Chance thanked grassroots organizations who pushed for "accountability and resignation" from Emanuel.

Vic Mensa's criticism of Emanuel was more passionate. "He's just a dirty guy, he has no morals, no spine. He's spineless," he continued. "We need someone who's grown up and lives and breathes these streets we struggle in every day. Only someone who cares and is personally connected ... is going to be able to do what it takes."

On that, he and Chance certainly agree. "We need a new mayor, but not just anybody. We gotta start to come together around a candidate that cares about equity in regards to education, job development and healthcare in one of the most segregated cities in the country," Chance wrote.

Both artists have been doing their part to better the city in any way they can. Vic recently spearheaded a sneaker giveaway for students in Chicago after local police reportedly set up a "bait truck" filled with Nikes with the intent of luring people to steal. Chance recently purchased the local magazine The Chicagoist, as he said on his new song "Might Need Security," "to run you racist bitches out of business."

Watch Vic Mensa's statements on Rahm Emanuel below.

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