On the day that Stack Bundles would have turned 34 (Oct. 21) the above song, titled "What U Want Me to Do," was posted to SoundCloud accompanied by a message announcing an upcoming album by the fallen rapper. "The song, loaded with Stack’s brand of lyricism and Far Rockaway wit, is the first in a line of upcoming unreleased music,' the description reads, "as we’re honored to finally announce his debut album RockStar is in the works and will be released in 2017. This time, the deal is done and it’s coming."

Stack Bundles was fatally shot on June 11, 2007, a promising career in Jim Jones' Byrd Gang ahead of him. On the new, unreleased track, he imagines a different future for himself, one in which he goes to prison instead. "So when you pondering stupid shit think again/Cause I don’t mind emptying ten and doin’ ten/Coming home write a song ‘Guts and Glory’/Lil book deal, ten mil for the story," he raps.

The accompanying statement continued to promise a forthcoming project, reading, "To his fans worldwide, we apologize for the wait, but trust and believe the album he always wanted to make is in motion as we speak." Listen to the previously unreleased record up above.

In May of 2015, police said that Chinx's murder may have been connected to that of Stack Bundles. “They were friends, Stack Bundles and Chinx,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said, according to the New York Daily News. “They were friends, so we’re looking at all hip-hop angles.”

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