Tyler, The Creator is just a few days away from providing us with his new anticipated album, Scum Fuck Flower Boy, and he's still delivering new music to tide fans over. The "Who Dat Boy" rapper releases a new song called "I Ain't Got Time," which hears him stepping into some of his signature musical trash talk.

The Odd Future co-founder speaks with Zane Lowe in a brief interview to accompany the song's release, where he reveals that he started recording and making the song in Kanye West's studio while the super producer went to go take a nap.

"I remember being at Ye's during Life of Pablo, and I think he went to go take a nap." Tyler recalls. "And I was just in the studio, and there was an MPC there. I literally...it was a mic right there and I was like, 'Noah, [his engineer], just start recording me.' I just start smacking, start clapping. I start making weird noises. Then added a boom, boom, boom...like that. I was like, I'm just gonna add a hook."

Tyler reveals that he originally wanted to give the song to Kanye, as he felt he was better to perform it, but unfortunately, the superstar rapper wasn't a fan. Tyler decided to take the song for himself, and even says that he tried many times to get Nicki Minaj on the track, as she was his top choice as a collaborator for it.

"I reached out to her so many times. Tried to get her number. She couldn't think of nothing. She couldn't think of it. That's what they were relaying. I'm like, 'How the fuck you hear this beat and can't think of shit?' Like, stop that shit. Stop playing. I'm like, 'Nicki playing me right now.' If Nicki got on that shit, it would bring not only me to a newer audience, but it would bring her to an audience of people who don't think that her shit is tight. And that's no shade to her."

Tyler remarks that he became a big fan of Nicki when he heard her "Four Door Aventador" track off of her The Pinkprint album that released in 2014. Although he wasn't able to get her for "I Ain't Got Time," the version he put out still goes hard when it comes to Tyler's bar game.

Check out the lyrics to "I Ain't Got Time" by Tyler, and take a listen to the song below.

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