Earlier today, Odd Future front man Tyler, the Creator stopped by Larry King Now (a web talk show distributed by Hulu and ORA-TV)  to talk with the host about his love for singing, directing, Jennifer Lawrence and much more. As if the wild card doesn't surprise people enough with the things that spew out of his mouth, Tyler admitted to the legendary talk show host he hates rapping and is ready to move on to something new.

"I'm talented enough to do other things, but I don't know I'm pretty bored with it [rapping]. It's not interesting," said Tyler, the Creator.

Mostly known for his music as a solo artist and as the leader of Odd Future, Tyler has also dabbled in other fields of entertainment including television with Adult Swim's Loiter Squad, fashion with the crew's brand Golf Wang and producing music videos. Rapping has played a major part in his claim to fame, but the California native confessed he's ready to give it all up to pursue his other interests, singing and directing.

"I hate rapping," said Tyler, the Creator to Larry King. "Only because it puts you in this box. Like I was scared for this interview, because me being a rapper, I was scared of the questions you would probably ask me, not even on purpose but because I'm a rapper. Then people look at you different like, 'oh he's a rap artist'."

Watch the interview below: