Action Bronson may be known for his culinary chops, cooking octopus with Seth Meyers recently, but he isn't the only rapper capable of whipping up something delicious. As a guest on The Greatest Cooking Show of All Time, Tyler, the Creator shared his recipe for cinnamon waffles, a simple way to spruce up frozen waffles using ingredients already in your kitchen.

"All my life I've really like syrup," he says in his trademark tone, turning a simple declarative statement into a punched-up joke. "I've always liked making waffles so I was like 'Hey it's a different way to make these and stuff.'"

The majority of the hilarious clip shows Tyler cursing out host Bonnie Lalich, and generally using colorful expletives to describe his own cooking prowess. "Let’s cut some into pieces and give it to everyone that’s in here so they can know I’m unfuckwitable," he says once he's flipped the waffles sans spatula enough times to achieve a perfect golden brown exterior.

Tyler has rapped about waffles in the past on such songs as "Nightmare" and "Odd Toddlers," rapping on the former, "I could live with the same hat / And the same flat-screen TV watching Flapjack / And the same bacon and waffles on a nice Saturday."

Watch Tyler's culinary crash course above. Based on the reactions from those on-set, Tyler's got a wide range of talents, and will happily boast about on them online and elsewhere.

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