After being virtually quiet all summer, Tyler The Creator recently announced a small tour coming up in November. Then things got weird. On Friday, Wolf Haley made some noise by going in on Bono and his band U2. Apparently angry that the group's Songs of Innocence album, was placed on every iTunes account Tuesday (September 9), Tyler made his opinion known. "F-CK YOU BONO YOU OLD F-CK I DONT WANT YOU ON MY PHONE,” he posted. Followed by, "GET OFF MY FUCKING PHONE. YOU COULDNT COME UP WITH AN ACTUAL MARKETING IDEA? FUCK @U2 I DONT WANT YOU. FUCK BONO. I DIDNT ASK FOR YOU IM MAD."

Either the Illuminati got to the Cali rapper or he genuinely had a change of heart after previewing the album. A short time later, his opinion had changed. "BONO IS FUCKING AWESOME GOT DAMN," he posted. Then, "BONO IS BEAST GOT DAMN."

Check out Tyler head scratching tirade, below.

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