Tyler, The Creator is never shy of being open about himself, his life and the wild thoughts that run through his head on a daily basis, but his album might reveal more than that. The Odd Future founder's upcoming Scum Fuck Flower Boy album was leaked to the web late Sunday (July 9), and some fans are speculating whether or not he may have come out of the closet based on certain lyrics.

The most blatant evidence seems to be on "I Ain't Got Time," where he raps that he's "been kissing white boys since 2004." Later on in the album, on "Garden Shed," the California rapper spits rhymes that seem to discuss the struggle of coming out.

"Them feelings I was guardin', heavy on my mind/All my friends lost, they couldn't read the signs/I didn't wanna talk and tell 'em my location, and they ain't wanna walk/Truth is, since a youth kid, thought it was a phase, Thought it'd be like the Frank; poof, gone, but, it's still goin' on," Tyler raps on the track.

So far, Tyler, nor his team, have responded to the speculation behind the lyrics, but Twitter is giving a mixed of slew reactions between shocked, as well as some claiming that Tyler's potential sexuality news doesn't seem like a surprise.

In a previous Rolling Stone interview from 2015, Tyler even directly discussed the rumors of him possibly being gay, and made very blunt comments about his sexuality. It's hard to tell if what he's saying is serious, as the entertainer tends to deliver controversial statements and lyrics that are simply sarcastic for shock value.

"For the past two days I've wondered, is Tyler actually gay? I cannot emphasize how much gay humor plays a role in the atmosphere around him. It's like a continuous loop of the "You know how I know you're gay?" scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin," the article reads. "Never more than a few minutes pass without him saying he's going to suck someone's dick or him accusing someone of wanting to suck dick. At one point on the bus, he recalls sending nude photos to a group chat with his friends and no one responded. "My friends are so used to me being gay," Tyler says, "they don't even care." I finally ask, Why all the gay humor? "Because I'm gay as fuck," he says, without a flinch. Seriously, are you gay? Are these repressed feelings? "No, but I am in love with '96 Leonardo DiCaprio," he says. "I one hundred percent would go gay for '96 Leo. Oh, and Cole Sprouse.""

This would probably come as a surprise to Hollywood and the music community, as Tyler has previously faced dating rumors with the likes of Kendall Jenner.

See Twitter's reaction to Tyler potentially coming out of the closet in the gallery below.

Twitter Reacts to Tyler, The Creator Potentially Coming Out of the Closet on New Album Scum F*#k Flower Boy

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