Troy Ave has been through a lot in this past year and today, he’s reminiscing on all of his hurdles in a new video.

The Brooklyn MC is reliving his lowest moments in his video for “Real Eyes Realize Real Lies," which you can watch below. With so many things on his plate that have accumulated over the last 12 months, Troy Ave has kept his head up and still continues to deliver music despite his personal issues with the law. “Real Eyes Realize Real Lies” captures Troy Ave acting out all the different occurrences that happened throughout this past year, including jail, court, and getting shot.

“Niggas love to talk the talk/With bullet holes in my leg I still walk the walk,” Troy Ave raps on the opening verse. “Right now I'm at the lowest point in my life/But I’m a win cause God shielding me safe flight/It’s not needed, all I'm searching for is answers/I ain't gonna get it from these strippers and these dancers/Deep thoughts and shallow waters aint gonna never match/We ain't compatible baby I need a better batch/I know my lyrics resonate with all the real niggas/I hope the fake will tell it I will never feel niggas.”

Here is a quick rundown of a few things Troy Ave has been involved in dating back to last year. In May of 2016, he was involved in a shooting at Irving Plaza in New York where a man’s life was taken and the rapper was shot in his leg. He was questioned, and a month later Troy Ave was indicted. He made bail, but in December of 2016 he was shot twice while sitting in his Maserati in Brooklyn. The MC hasn’t been able to dodge trouble very well and he makes it known in this new song/video.

Check out “Real Eyes Realize Real Lies” below.

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